New Original Fic

Started brainstorming a new fic last night, after a few strange days of no writing. As yet untitled. I finished my 25ker–which I’ve titled One Fateful Night–the other day, but I’ve got a couple of things that need revising, that included, so I tried not to start anything else. Of course, then the paranoia began. What if I can’t start anything else when I do want to cos the plot bunnies don’t come? Stupid.

I think I was watching the credits of some movie or TV show or another–not the movie or show, hence why I can’t remember what it was, just the credits–yesterday and a name jumped out at me and stuck in my head. Suddenly it turned into the beginnings of a character, then he got a personality, then the beginnings of a storyline, and today he acquired a kink. Should be interesting :D

I’ve got maybe 500 words, still on paper. I’ll leave him on paper until I figure out if there is even a decent story there. It’s 500 words of complete ass as yet, but we’ll see how it goes.


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