And what have I been writing?

Technically, nothing. Well, that’s the idea anyway. I have a certain birthday one shot to revise and edit.. the pairing is proving challenging for me and if I stare at it too much longer I’m gonna end up hating it again and start from scratch for the third time. That would be bad, it’s already late O.O

And my 25ker–still tentatively working titled as One Fateful Night–that just needs the paper edits transferred to the file and then I can start shifting scenes around. I’ve got a whole non linear thing going on there which adds a whole nother level to the editing process.

AND… I’ve finally got my ass into gear and am rewriting my last years nanowrimo novel, Vital Depth. I wrote it in 3rd person multiple POV, and of course I decided to rewrite in 1st person, which unfortunately does not just entail changing he’s to I’s, oh no. And there is a whole ton of alternate POV’s where somehow I have to get the stuff that happens when my MC isn’t present and relay it to him, so there will be a few extra scenes having to be written.

And I have kinda a short time to get it all done in. I figure if I rewrite 3k per day I might get there on time LOL

And yeah, feed the kids and do the laundry somewhere in there as well O.O


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