I read a real live paper book!

So yeah, I did that today. Started and finished it in one day even. And after having started Dracula late last year and it’s still sitting half read, I think that’s an achievement.

O’course it probably helps that I’ve been devouring slash fanfic like… I dunno, some really yummy thing… lately and this real live paper book is m/m erotica. Right up my current alley so to speak. Oh yeah, and vampires, bloodplay, chock full of hot hot sex and a real spare, no nonsense style of writing. Just lovely. And I suppose some horror elements, though I’m not a good judge since I don’t read horror. I figure the point of horror is to get creeped out, and I don’t get creeped out by horror fiction… though sometimes, if it’s done a certain way, it turns me on. And it was done this way, if what it was would be classified as horror.

Can you tell I have no fucking clue what I’m talking about?


Anyway, the book is Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary by Jordan Castillo Price. It’s actually a series of e-book novellas bundled in a single self published paperback. It’s good shit. I’m gonna have to check out her other series.


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