I’m afraid.

So… Say Something Else is out there, or at least chapter 1 is, and the reports are coming in of eyes welling and tears already. That was a little unexpected. Actually the fact that reports (or reviews, anyway) are coming in at all is still a little surreal.

But yeah, dancing around all happy and shit. And maybe that good mood will help me get my house cleaned up.

So now SSE is underway (chapters will be coming hard and fast after easter, all going well, at least that’s my intention) now I really should get back to rewriting Vital Depth. If I can put my new Victorian on hold. Dunno if I can. Kinda obsessed with it.

Vital Depth. Yes. I have three months to get it to a printable state, including cover art. But I figure, if I can write 30k in a couple of weeks, I should be able to rewrite, I dunno, 90? in half that time? Hopefully less, if I get my shit together. Fuck. I don’t think that it’s that huge a story, and yet in its original incarnation it’s over 100k. So yeah, lose some wordcount would be good for a start.

And then, edit the fuck out of it, send to pre-readers, dunno if I’ll get time to have it properly beta’d, or even if my beta would be up for tackling it as a rush job…

I’m afraid. I’m very afraid.


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