SSE Chapter 4 tease

A wee teaser for Say Something Else, Chapter 4, which I’ll be posting tomorrow. Grab your tissues, loves.


I plugged my phone in to charge it. There were countless new messages: from Jane, Alec’s parents, our friends, my boss. All of them worried about me when I’d up and left with no word. I deleted them. They weren’t the messages I was interested in.

I was a sentimental sap, and had kept all the voice messages Alec had ever left for me. It was part of the reason I’d left the phone behind when I’d run away. I couldn’t deal with the temptation to hear his voice then, yet it was all I could think about now.

I chose the option to run through all the messages, and it began to play almost two years worth of his words. His voice.

“Alright, love? It’s complete arse being at work when I can’t stop thinking about you. Gonna try and get off early so I’ll come to the pub for afters, yeah?”

The tears were flowing, but I was smiling too. I couldn’t get enough of his beautiful voice, and I listened to them all. Some of them made me laugh, some of them aroused me with his cheeky suggestions. All of them made me miss him so painfully. The last one made me want to tear my heart right out of my chest.



One response to “SSE Chapter 4 tease

  • Geekette

    Aww poor poor Edward. I know about the wanting to rip your heart out of your chest. I still have one last voicemail message on my phone from my bestfriend who killed himself last year. I listen when I especially feel down, not to bring me down further but just to remember him. That first time listening to them is the hardest but it does get easier.

    Thanks for the teaser.

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