Hideously short attention span…

I have, like, no less than 5 fics currently in varying stages of completion. No, 6, if you count my nano rewrite. Holy fuck. The latest to take hold of my throat and threaten to throttle me if I don’t write it, is Sober. Yep, it insists on being extended.

Sober is a one shot I did for the No Bella Allowed contest. It won second place Judges Pick and third place Host’s Pick.  And I thought it was complete. I wasn’t going back there, at all. And yet…

I blame a reviewer who shoved a couple plot bunnies down my throat ;)

So, yeah. Probably it’ll be a couple or three additional chapters (I so don’t want to be starting an epic, or even another novella length fic). I want it done, over with, so I can go back to my steampunk.

If you’re interested, you might wanna add Sober to your story alerts. I don’t know when it’s gonna be finished and updated.


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