Dear god, I kinda finished something…

Even if it is just one lonely chapter. Yep, the very flawed first draft of Sober Chapter 2 is kinda complete. More or less. I have a little fleshing out of one scene, and some serious first edits of that same scene to do, and then it’ll be ‘file it away for a week or two’ time.

Yay! ‘Cause I thought it wasn’t gonna happen for a while there, after the first trash and rewrite, and then the complete block I had right when I needed to write the sex scene. But I employed the NaNo philosophy of ‘just write shit’ and wrote shit, and eventually it began to flow. Thank fuck for that.

So, yeah, I now have a pile of shit to sort out, complete with lemony goodness crap.

Hmm. Lemon isn’t a term I use often, though everyone else seems to. Perhaps because my first foray into the fanfiction world was before that term was used, or at least I never saw it. Back in the not-quite-mists of time. Oops. Tangent.

So, I’ll clean this up a mite, make sure I’m making the points I wanna make, then file it away and not look at it for a week or two, before I pick it up again. And pick at it again.

Seems like such a long time that I actually finished anything. The pitfalls of writing too many things at once. If I can finish this one chapter, I reckon, maybe it’ll get me on some kind of roll.

Bit of trivial proof of progress, I suppose. If anyone cares ;) Questions? Comments? Bueller? Bueller?


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