More fics for Nashville!

I have decided to put a couple more fics in for this compilation. I’ve been sitting on a Jakeward AU one shot for months, convinced that it sucked, but I’ve pulled it out and am gonna sort it.

Also, I have the mostly completed first shot of a multi shot series I’ve been planning, so I’ll finish that first shot and put that in as well. It’s an Edward/Jasper AH, and a little bit outside the box, I think. I’ve been affectionately calling it my Bloodward, but the name of the series will be Beautiful Dangerous. The name of this first shot (or ‘chapter’ if you wanna think of it like that, though I intend for each installment to be kind of a self contained story in itself) is Sweeter.

Check out the Fics for Nashville LJ community to find out how to get your hands on this compilation.


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