Fic: Drabble for Venis

Here’s one for venis-envy. She gave me sunrise, and well, I told her it was too fluffy for me, but she reckoned I could make it morbid.

Well, love, you asked for it ;)


I felt like I should be doing something. Instead, I sat carefully on the couch, surrounded by things I refused to disturb, and stared out the window.

A jacket, draped over the back of the couch. A pair of shoes under the table. A book.

Should I be doing something? Put on the coffee. Make the batter. No. Stay here. She said she’d come to me and we’d go together.

I felt cold dampness on my chest. My face was wet. Have I been crying?

The sun rose. Hazy. Dirty. How can the sun rise, when the world has ended?


Wild guess, girls and boys…


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