Fic: Jello Wrestling

A drabble for the prompt I was given on twitter by @FrogQueen. This was originally just the first drabble, but overnight I kept dreaming of E & J all squirmy and smeared in green jello, and I just couldn’t let it go. So I woke up and wrote 4 more. Meh, they probably suck ass, but it’s out of my system now, so I’m good. By the way, this could likely have been done so much better as a one shot, but I don’t have the time or energy for it, so I’m gonna say that if anyone likes it and wants to give it a go… go for it!

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How the fuck did I get myself into this mess? It’s the last time I bet on Alice. I trusted my sister when she said not to worry about money, she’d choose an appropriate punishment if I lost.

I’d certainly never volunteer for this shit.

I watched in horror as they poured another bucket into the ring. Can you drown in jello?

Then I saw my opponent. And suddenly I couldn’t wait to writhe amongst the slippery stuff if I got to grab the blonde perfection before me.

He was looking at me like he was thinking the same thing.


I was flat on my back in seconds. He wasn’t big, but he was all long, lean muscle, and he caught me by surprise.

The jello broke my fall in a squishy wave, and he straddled me. He wore a cocky smile. “Jasper,” he said by way of introduction. He squirmed on me, I got hard, and managed to shove him off, scrambling away on hands and knees. Big mistake. Again he was on me. “Looked like an invitation,” he hissed in my ear as he ground his cock into my hip and flipped me over, his hands circling my wrists.


The only facilities the bar had for cleaning up and getting dressed was the mens room. I could feel his eyes on me as I used paper towels to wipe the green slime out of my hair and off my near naked body.

“You look pissed,” he said conversationally.

“What did you expect?”

“I’m sorry. I’d offer you a rematch…”

“Definitely not.”

“Then let me buy you a drink. Please. Or…I live close, we could go back to my place for a shower?”

I met his eyes in the mirror, smiled, and bent to strip off my soggy boxer briefs.


We didn’t make it to the shower. Still sticky and smelling of lime jello, our naked bodies clung together as we rolled and groped and ground together on his bed.

I found myself pinned to the mattress by his strong arms as he kissed me breathless. “I’m not going to make the same mistake twice,” he said.

I would thank Alice the next time I saw her. Jasper was magnificent.

“I just wanted you to like me.” He’d let me win. No one had beaten Jasper in months. He bent his head and licked my neck. “You’re so sweet.”

“That’s the jello.”



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