Random drabble thingy

Because I was craving a quick writing fix, I went in google search of a random word generator, picked four, and tossed them all in together to make a drabble.

My words were: particle, abused, fundamental and blanket.


There’s a tiny particle of sand on his face, and I brush it off onto the blanket. I wonder how it stuck to him so long. We left the beach hours ago.

He’s sleeping now, he always goes to sleep after we fuck. I don’t, but that’s okay, because I can watch him snore and drool on the pillow for hours without getting bored. Funny how after only a few short weeks he’s become so fundamental to my existence.

I roll onto my back, wincing at the ache in my poor abused ass and smile as I wait for sleep.


Well that was quick fun. Might do another. The only question is, will it be jello wrestling, or morbid sunrise?


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