Attention span issues…again.

Not that I don’t already have a million different things on the go, but I’m going to write another twific oneshot.

A while back I told myself I was gonna stop starting new fanfics for an indeterminate period of time, focusing only on the stuff I already have going on or planned. With a half finished AH chapter fic, the SSE sequel, Beautiful Dangerous, a half finished original novella (which is looking like it might end up a novel), the steampunk thing, an AH collab, NaNo ’10 looming and various other WIP’s I figured I had enough to last me a bloody lifetime.

Then I decided that I just wouldn’t start any new AH twifics and try and get back to my vampy roots. And no more chapter fics. I figured any AH plot bunnies I got could be put to good use in an original manner.

Then of course I started brainstorming what was sposed to be a oneshot for *gasp* Vampire Diaries, but will more likely end up chaptery if I ever get past the brainstorming phase. And get past the whole OMFG Vamp Diaries??? issue ;)

But I also am going to be doing a oneshot on request. Which is all good, cos I was gonna get back to those vampy roots…except I could not come up with a plot bunny. So I thought I’d have a browse through some of the drabbles I’ve been writing…and the one calling to me just screams AH. Dammit. Though, it would make a nice Jakeward, I thought :D

Definite ebb and flow, productivity wise, for me. I go through stages where my desktop is positively littered with WIP’s, then for some reason they all head towards my pre-readers and beta at the same time, then I’m left with a clean desktop for about 10 minutes before the damn thing gets all filled up with new stuff again. Le Sigh. I have focus issues, I think. And there is only one thing that I SHOULD be focusing on right now, and I really can’t be assed, and it’s pissing me off no end. I need to somehow get back into it, I know exactly what needs to be done, but am I doing it? No. Someone needs to kick me right up the bum…

And suddenly it all comes clear O.O Shift the non-important stuff off the damn desktop ;) I’m such a dumbass sometimes, failing to see the obvious!

Okay, done. I’m gonna STFU now…


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