4 months till NaNo ’10

And I can’t freaking wait!

I was gonna do the second book in my series that I started last year (I have a shiny paperback on my shelf of that book, it’s so freaking cool, taking pride of place next to my twisaga and my Buffy & Angel comics), o’course then this big old plot bunny hit me about a house, and no, not one that eats people. So at this point I don’t know which I’m gonna do, but in any case, I can’t wait!

The series book will have more sex than the house book. That might be a consideration point…

Anyway…who is gonna do it with me this year? Go on, you know you want to, especially with the incentive of having your physical book in your hot little hand at the end of it all. Wander along to NaNoWriMo and sign up. I’ve signed up as vampireisthenewblack for this year if you wanna add me as a writing buddy.


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