So many slash contests, so little time.

I was very excited to see that the Slash Backslash contest was doing another cycle. The first round was in voting I think when I first fumbled my way into twislash. I was fresh out of NaNo ’09 and my epiphany (you know, the one where I started a book with a het relationship and ended it with a m/m one? Oh the joys of NaNo and the acceptable crazy plot twists!), and I devoured every single story in the contest.

So, of course, my first instinct was to want to enter…

And then bang, another slash contest comes to my attention.

The In The Closet contest is anonymous…and to be honest, that appeals more than I can say.

I have to admit that when picking stories to read from a contest, I’m more likely to click on the ones written by authors whose stuff I’ve enjoyed before…so does that mean I’m better off going into an anon contest? I dunno. A lot of people read SSE, but no way can I compete with some of the more well read slash authors out there. Or some of the not-slash authors who are perhaps crossing over and could bring their E/B enthusiasts with them…

Ohh, snark ;)

Bite me.

I’m torn, really. Of course I could just write another story and enter one in each contest. Ooh, actually, that sounds like a nice little experiment… except that my stories are hit and miss sometimes. Or perhaps it’s the difference between AH and AU. Or E/J and a less popular slash pairing. I guess the only thing for it is to write two stories of the same genre and the same pairing and a similar length and enter one in each contest, but god, how boring would that be? I can’t see me doing it.

I dunno. I have a ton of time. Backslash closes mid August, In The Closet closes 1st September. I have one one shot already, and a couple plot bunnies suitable for another, I should just put one in both. We shall see.

Wahey! Another pointless blog post! My stream of consciousness never does come to any kind of useful conclusion…


2 responses to “So many slash contests, so little time.

  • naelany

    *ahem* *sternface*

    What’s this about you not being able to compete against better known authors? You, my dear, rock, and people read you (and on occasion get pointed in your direction, just sayin’). I hope you do enter both contests. There is absolutely no way to measure how either will work out, because it IS a matter of hit/miss, and that goes for all of us ;-)

    Good luck!!

  • vampireisthenewblack

    Aww, you’re sweet, but don’t forget that SSE was a big old fluke ;)

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