SSE: The Sequel

I swear, I keep wanting to type ‘The Squeequel’. Meh.

OMG, I have begun it. However messily. Yep, I’m writing all kinds of garbage, I’m flashing back and forth all over the place, and god only knows what will stay in and what will get chucked out, but hopefully it will all come together in the end. Which will be, when it happens, so pleasepleaseplease don’t ask me when it’ll be posted.

I know where I’m going, I just have no idea how I’m gonna get there ;)

And, oh yeah, I have a working title. Say it Again. Yep, cheesy as fuck, but it’s appropriate considering I do know where I’m going :D

And yes, there will be angst. Don’t expect anything less. Come on. Have you met me?


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