The train (a somewhat morbid drabble).

For #venisfuntime on twitter, engineered by @venis_envy

I wait.

I’ve picked the perfect time, the platform is almost deserted.

I want to climb down, put my hand on the track like we used to do as kids, feel the vibrations as the train approaches.

I hear a low rumble in the distance. I imagine that I see the rails moving, the stones they lay in quivering.

The high pitched scream begins that you can’t really hear.

I feel it.

I see the train, it’s coming fast. It isn’t scheduled to stop here. It’s passing straight through. That’s why I’ve chosen this moment.

I time it perfectly, two long strides, and I leap.


2 responses to “The train (a somewhat morbid drabble).

  • OnTheTurningAway

    Oh my…morbid indeed. Beautiful though. I can’t help but think that the speaker is completely at peace with the decision. I’m not sure exactly why, but I love that the final word is ‘leap’ and not ‘jump’ as I’d expected.

  • naelany

    eep! Morbid’s right…and oddly beautiful. I wish people wouldn’t choose that way out though. The damage it does to the machinist’s psyche is not fun…never mind that of the people who have to ‘clean up’. *sigh* :-(


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