Congrats to the Slash Backslash 2.0 winners!

Well, the contest is over and done, and I can finally have a bit of a rave about my favourites :D

But before I do that, I have to say that I tried really really hard to read every entry as it came in, but towards the end, there was just too much to keep up with, so I tended to lean more towards the genre that I prefer and skipped over some of the AH that was posted towards the end of the submission time.

Okay, on with the show!


Well, the first fic I read that really jumped out at me and I completely adored, was Stay, by avioleta. It’s an AH Edward/Carlisle story, and anyone who knows me, knows that I love E/C, but I do like my E/C canon, so much so that I don’t tend to read AH fics with this pairing, because I rarely find one I like.

Well, I’m really glad that Stay was one of the first SBS entries to hit my inbox, because I still had time to read every entry, and so, it got read.

As I said before, I don’t enjoy AH E/C (well, okay, that’s an error, I’ve just realised. It seems that the SBS contests bring them out, because there was an AH E/C in the first SBS called Confession that I loved, but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that Carlisle was a priest, and I have a bit of a priest fetish). Where was I? Oh, yes, Stay is one of only two AH E/C fics I’ve ever liked before. Again, it could be the result of another fetish of mine. The younger guy/older man student/teacher thing. Unf!

In my opinion, it’s the mark of a great story when I find myself wishing that an AH twific was original fiction. I do it from time to time, Stay was one of those times. It was well written and I enjoyed the style the author used.

Stay got third place in the open voting :D Well done avioleta!

The Ungraceful Art of Falling

I love a good canon Sethward. The Ungraceful Art of Falling by sareisle is not a HEA Sethward, thats for sure (and who needs a HEA anyway, I always say), but it’s powerful, and emotive, and I loved it. It got first place in the judges scoring, and that made me very very happy :D

Tears in the Snow

Tears in the Snow by sweetp-1 took out Best Heartfail this time round, and goddamn, but that was deserved. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at this deliciously painful piece as it was being written and Sweetp was doubting, and it gives me great pleasure to send a big fat I-told-you-so to her ;)

Tears in the Snow is unique and different, which is something special in twific. But coming from Sweetp, that doesn’t surprise me at all.

Worth the Climb

Ahhh, ICMezzo.  I swear, I would kill to be able to churn out the seemingly effortless humour that this author does. Worth the Climb had me giggling the whole way through, but it was as hot as hell as well. I have a new reason to never look at marshmallows the same way again. ICMezzo’s story got an Honourable Mention in the contest.

Well, those were the entries that I loved and placed in the contest. But, no less deserving in my opinion are the following few that didn’t place, and yet stuck with me just as firmly as those I’ve mentioned above.

Things That Go Hump in the Night

Vampires, pretending to be humans, pretending to be vampires. How avant-garde! Yeah, okay, so I stole that quote from Anne Rice, but that’s exactly what happens here, and it’s genius, I tell you. Elvelethril doesn’t tell you in her summary for Things That Go Hump in the Night whether her story is AH or AU, and so when I read about Jasper dressing up for Halloween, I just assumed it was AH. It wasn’t until very close to the end of the fic that I realised that these were the Cullen’s very close to how Stephenie wrote them, except for the fact that Edward and Jasper are together (and I love a close-to-canon E/J fic). It’s then that you realise that she’s been telling you this all along, but you just didn’t click. Nicely done!

The Second Time I Had Sex

Conversed‘s Jasper is just so deliciously Southern.  To be truthful, he is most of the appeal to me in this story because I’m not a huge fic-Riley fan and almost (almost) passed this one over when I didn’t have time enough to read. But, as I always try to do, I read the first couple paragraphs, and Jasper’s voice just sucked me right the way in, it surely did ;) The Second Time I Had Sex. Nothing but love ;)

The Price of Silence

Tricksy, tricksy LupinWolf99 ;) Yes, well, turns out this is the nom-de-plume of a rather well known author in our slashy little corner of the fandom. Not that it matters. I had no idea who was really behind The Price of Silence when I read it. I’ve saved it till last because this fic is, I believe, the one that will stay with me the longest. Because it was brave, and ballsy, and bloody, and brutal, and something else starting with B ;) And, because, and I respect this in any author, she killed Bella ;)

Well! Wow, the epic post, but I just had to show my appreciation for MY favourites in this contest. Well done to everyone, whether they placed or not :D

You can check out ALL the SBS 2.0 entries here, and the winners announcement with all the pretty banners and stuff is here.


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