Fic: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no… It’s a HEA!

Queen of the lame blog post titles, yeah? Yeah. Anyway, now that SBS 2.0 is over, I decided to post up the drabbley HEA I wrote for my most ever reviewed one-shot (yes, most of those reviews are along the lines of ‘No! How could you?’ or ‘You have to extend it!’ etc).

Here’s the one-shot that was originally part of the Nashfic compilation: I Did That To Him. Read that first. Go on, do it. Then review ;)

And here’s the series of five drabbles that I wrote for gypsysue because she refused to read my Jakeward unless there was a HEA ;)


For weeks I didn’t leave the reservation, but eventually I gave in. It was sick, but I couldn’t deny my desires.

He wasn’t there. I waited, hoping to catch his scent. It was three days before I gave up and ran deep into the forest.

I met them coming the other way.

“Go home, Jasper.”

The other vampire looked at us strangely and disappeared in a blur of speed.

I’m sorry.

“Don’t… apologise.” He took a step towards me.

I padded to him and phased an arms length away. His scent burned my nostrils, but I didn’t care because his lips were on mine.


He led me to a run down old log cabin in the woods one day. We damn near wrecked it.

But we kept going back. Almost like it felt private there, not that we needed it, because we could get far enough away from everything that no one would ever see us together.

We kept going back.

We’d busted down walls, and broken furniture. I would pick up splintered remains of the old oak table and make dumb jokes about staking him.

The bed was the only thing that remained intact, because neither of us had ever gone near it.

We never talked about why.


The ground was wet, cold, but not as cold as him. His fingers splayed over my chest chilled my flesh and raised goosebumps.

His hand slid down to my belly, trailing cold fire along my skin as he changed his angle and shifted so his feet were firmly planted on the ground. I could feel my hipbones bruising, healing, bruising again as he rose and fell, repeatedly impaling himself on my cock.

His lips parted, his head fell back, and a feral growl tore from his chest as he came. My fingers dug deeply into his hips as I released inside him.


His laugh was like music, even to my lupine ears. It echoed off the cliff faces. I stopped, stunned by the beauty of it.

His mouth turned up in a crooked smile at my thoughts.

I gave chase. He twisted away when I was right on him, and leapt gracefully off the edge of the ravine.

I caught his sleeve, he twisted and hit the side with a shattering crunch.

I leapt down after him. Edward? Jesus, are you okay?

He laughed as he stood and brushed himself off. The stone wall above began to crumble, tiny pieces of rubble raining down around us.


“They think I imprinted. It’s the only way they can explain it to themselves. Some werewolf vampire alliance thing or some shit.”

“But that’s not what this is.” His face was immobile, his words measured and even.

I shook my head, and I was suddenly overcome with fear at the possibility that it could one day happen, that it would ruin what we had. I had to make sure he knew now, how important this fucked up thing between us was to me.

“I love you, you know.”

He lifted one eyebrow and flashed me a lopsided smile. “Yeah. I know.”


So, what do we think? Comment ;) I’m not posting this to FFn, because I might, maybe, perhaps one day decide that I would rather like to extend my favourite little fic. You never know. Whether I follow what I’ve done here, I don’t know that either. Time will tell.

One thing I won’t be doing is writing the original one-shot from Edward’s perspective (yes, it’s been suggested to me). I’m too lazy to enjoy repeating myself.


One response to “Fic: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no… It’s a HEA!

  • OnTheTurningAway

    Well look at you giving us a happy ever…well, maybe not HEA, but a damn good happy as fuck for now :) I loved the one-shot and am glad you decided to appease GypsySue with a little happiness for these tormented boys. As we were saying the other day, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to AU as opposed to AH and appreciate the canon-ness of your characters.


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