Flounce Offences

I’ve decided I needed to start thinking more about why I will or won’t read a particular story. I don’t have time to read everything, that’s for damn sure, so I have to be picky. Gonna try to do this constructively, and hopefully without sounding like too much of a self-important pillock.

Thing is, I, from time to time, get my rant on on twitter about whatever I’ve currently come across that drives me to flounce. And yeah, we’re just talking about fanfiction, and we’re talking about mostly amateur writers, so there is a huge amount of forgiveness due. But if we can improve our writing and make it more of a pleasure (and easier) to read, that can’t be half bad, right? Otherwise, why would we use a pre-reader or a beta?

But we can’t just rely on our betas. I think it’s only fair to these people who give up their time and energy to go over our prose for us, that what we send them to look at is as clean and clear as we are capable of doing ourself. Personally, I think that if we can pick up the big things, it will make it easier for the beta to pick out those little things that might get missed.

Maybe it’s the other way around? I dunno. I’m no expert, that’s for damn sure, and, I’ve tangented, no less.

So, as well as having a little whinge on twitter (I’d miss it, otherwise), I thought I’d blog about these things that make me reluctant to continue reading. Whenever I get the urge. As I said, I’m not an expert, I haven’t been writing my whole life, hell, I flounced English after my third year of high school and, off the cuff, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a noun and a verb.

It’s true, don’t laugh.

I just know what makes ME flounce a story. Or what makes me not bother reading a story in the first place. Opinions are mine alone. Do with them what you will :D


2 responses to “Flounce Offences

  • naelany

    lol sorry, I only laugh because I don’t know that, either ;-) I’m so glad I’m not alone

    Yes, you’re right. We should do the best we can before sending it to beta (of, of course, that’s how you work. lol). That said, I do appreciate your input (you know on what ;-) )

  • vampireisthenewblack

    Oh no, I totally get you. That’s the whole pre-reader thing. I have a ton of different people that I use depending on the type of story. A couple for blood and sickfuckery, one for historical/canon stuff, another I used specifically for my Beyond the Pale for our shared appreciation of Antinous ;) I go for pre-readers who I have in my mind as my ‘target reader’ if you want to think of it like that. Their particular interest in that particular subject can tell me whether I’ve hit it right, or if not, what I need to change.

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