Is it November yet?

I thought it was time for a rambly brain vomit what-am-I-up-to post.

Well, NaNo is just on the horizon. I’ve had several plot bunnies bugging me lately, and just the other day, I had another, completely new one hit me. I think that will be the one. I’ve been researching my ass off. It’s very different from anything I’ve done before, so I’m kinda nervous and hoping like hell that I don’t fuck it up.

And because of that particular nano bunny, I lost momentum with the continuation of A Madness Most Discreet, the one shot I had in the In the Closet contest. To be honest, I’d been pushing myself to write it when I hadn’t really been in the mood for a few days.

So I’m shelving it.

Yeah, I know, I only just said that I was gonna continue. Entire lack of attention span, remember? Yeah. Well anyway, the second chapter I already had should give some relief at least to the UST, and then that’s it I would say. I’m gonna try to get that up soon. Definitely before November :D

Another thing that’s been shelved for a while but I haven’t wanted to admit it to myself is the Say Something Else sequel. It still might happen, but I’m not thinking about it anymore as being on my list of stuff to do. It does make me sad, I love those boys, and I want to see Edward whole at the end of it, but I’m constantly putting it off, so onto the shelf it goes.

I will be continuing Beautiful Dangerous. It would be nice if I could get another chapter out before November, but it all depends on my mindset.


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