NaNo ’10: Day One

I started NaNo kind of with a bang. I’ve been hanging out for 12:01 1st November for ages, and spent my last day transcribing notes and compiling a list of names for peripheral characters should they pop up.

Then at 9pm I joined the IRC chat kick-off party for kiwi wrimos, and that sucked ass, so I flounced that and killed the final two hours with a couple episodes of Queer as Folk.

Midnight came, and I opened scrivener and stared at a blank page for a few minutes.

And then, though I’d had the opening scene in my head for days, I wrote it down all wrong…

But, with an attempt to drag the scene back to where it was supposed to go, I eventually got 1700 words, and so at 2:17 am, I called it quits and went to bed. I feel like I’m a day ahead of myself. Would be nice to get tomorrows word count before midnight tonight.



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