Fic: Untitled Zombie Flash

Original fiction written with the prompts: 

topic: christmas morning
setting: fresh fallen snow
character: flesh eating zombie

Filmy eyes stare at me through the windshield. Her shirt is torn, there’s a sickening yellow bite beneath the ruined sleeve.


She hunches over, clenches her fists and lets out an ear splitting scream.

Her feet cut a stumbling path in the fresh fallen snow. She screeches again, I expect the horde to return but this time I won’t have my mother to shield my eyes and cover my ears as they rock the truck and scrape the windows with blood-crusted nails.

A tall figure lurches into view. Every few halting steps his head swings to look behind him and I see his face. His eyes are dead and his lips are stained with gore.

Behind him, a tiny thing that trips and stumbles and jerks throws it’s head back and screams in infantile frustration.

Momma shuffles over to the tiny thing and tries to pick it up.

Three of them turn as one. Fingers stiffen into broken claws and they open their mouths. From each jaw-breaking maw comes a screech that hurts my ears.

I can barely see for stinging tears, I think my heart will explode from the fear, but I climb out of the truck and meet them, the deathly, deadly things that once were my Momma and my Daddy and my baby brother. I am alone, and despite the horror I want what they have, because whatever they are, at least they have each other.

I want to be with my family for Christmas.

Creative Commons License


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