I have a challenge for the US* ficsters

*and British, and French, and Australian, and whoever else wants to have a go

New Zealand Map

Image by mhx via Flickr

I’m currently reading through Beautiful Dangerous as I prepare to write another chapter, and musing, as I often do, over the research and prereading that is required by a Kiwi writing stories set in the United States. I have no issue with this, of course, it goes with the territory, and there are a lot of us, Kiwis, Brits, French, Scandinavian, that do it. But, I suddenly thought that it would be beyond cool to ask those to whom it comes naturally to set a story in a country and culture they have no first hand experience of.

So. Here’s my challenge. I want you, yes, you reading this, to write me a fanfic set in New Zealand. That’s my only stipulation. Any length, any pairing (I’ll read het for this), any genre, but it has to be set in Aotearoa.

I’m quite willing to Kiwi-pick or be available for random questions, there’s a couple other Kiwi’s around, too, I’m sure they won’t mind if you ask them.

I am so hoping someone is willing to take me up on this challenge. Please! Down on my knees begging even :D

Please comment if you’re keen.


7 responses to “I have a challenge for the US* ficsters

  • venis

    I think it’s a tiny bit easier for people to write fanfic set in the US because of the fact that the original books (twi, anyway) were set in the US & because there are a gazillion fics that they already read that provide plenty of references for them. If I even read one story set in NZ, I’d feel at least a little teeny tiny bit more confident about writing something set there, but I don’t know a single thing about it…unless we are counting Hobits and Mt. Doom, which we aren’t.
    All the research I can do on wiki & the likes will still not give me an understanding of what the people are like, or how they talk, or what the air smells like.
    I do love a challenge though. Maybe I’ll kill Draco there.
    Hehe…okay, in all seriousness, I love this idea & would love to have a go at it. It will be embarrassingly inaccurate and laughable, but hey, I don’t mind putting my ass out there in the name of entertainment. LOL

    • vampireisthenewblack

      It’s all for the fun of it anyway, love, hell, I’ll be quite happy with crackfic set in New Zealand! Shit, LoTR/HP or Twi crossover LOL I dare you to take the piss :D

      And I seem to recall having sent you one of my (laughable) stories set in New Zealand…

  • dellaterra

    I’m in, but probably not until after the Twi 25 ends. Did you have a deadline in mind for this intriguing challenge?

  • naelany

    You. Are. Evil. *chases the plotbunnies away*

    (I say that with the utmost love, both for you and your idea lol. Gah, no time!)

  • Char

    Hmmmmm… I’ll have to think about this one… I love checking out new places.

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