The Vampfic Awards Nominations

The Vampies are running again, this time focusing on fics with less than 100 reviews per chapter. Ooh, look, that’s like, all of mine ;)

There’s even a whole slash category, though wouldn’t it be nice if a slash fic took out something in a general category too?

Of course, there’s a whole list of vampslash to choose from when making your nominations if my stuff isn’t your cup of tea.

Okay, that’s a pretty weak-ass self-pimp, huh? Please nominate me? Please? ;)

Now, the rules make it look a little tricky, like there’s a bit of math involved. So I’ll make it easy for you. Every single one of my vamp fics are under the 100 review per chapter threshold. Most of them are under the 50 reviews threshold as well. Only one has more than 50 reviews on a chapter, and that is my Jakeward one-shot, I Did That to Him. That means it’s not eligible for the one-shot category, but it is eligible for anything else (I emailed and checked with the organisers).

Nominations close on February 6th.


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