I have a Blogiversary coming up

one year

Image by happy via via Flickr

On the 19th of February it will be exactly one year since I made my first post here. Not so coincidentally, it’s also a year to the day since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else.

Happy Birthday to me SSE!

To celebrate, I’m going to finally finish that Alec one shot I promised (and never delivered) several months ago when I begged on twitter for reviews to take SSE over the 500 mark.


This outtake is the missing bit from the night Edward and Alec met…yep, the sex! It’s not all sex, but, um, yeah, there’s going to be a lot of it. I adore Alec, and I adore Alec and Edward, so I have astronomical hopes for this little part of the story. I’m hoping I’ll at least reach the treetops with it, and not disappoint anyone.

I’m planning to drop teasers for it on the days leading up to my blogiversary, so subscribe over there –> so you don’t miss them.

I’m going to (deadlines are good for me) post it 19th February!


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