The SSE Alec Outtake: First Draft Completed

If you were on twitter last night (my last night) you’ll know I finished the first draft of the long promised Alec outtake. And I was very excited about that fact.

First drafts rarely end like that for me. I’m usually left with a sense of relief, but also a foreboding dread of the revision ahead of me. I ramble so much, I go off in weird-ass directions, write several different versions of the middle or the ending, and wind up having to stitch together some kind of logical narrative out of parts and pieces.

Okay, I do have parts and pieces of Alec. But for some reason I shifted those out of there when I realised I was getting off track, and the bit I have come out with is actually a logical narrative.

This never happens to me!

Also, I think the story is good. I think I did what I set out to do. I think it’s gonna get some ‘awwww’s. I wound up the final scene grinning from ear to ear as it slid seamlessly into what I already have in Say Something Else.


I need a title. I need to check SSE and make sure I have continuity between Edward’s version and Alec’s (no, there are no ‘scenes rewritten from alternate perspective’. Ick). I need to edit. It’s currently 6k+ (that’s one long outtake, for me. Hell, that’s a long one-shot for me), and I can imagine it may come down to around 5ish. That will be my goal, anyway.

Posting date for the Alec outtake is 19th February, my blogiversary and a year since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else. I’ll start to drop teasers probably a week out from there here on my blog, so if you haven’t already, add it to your feed reader or subscribe by email.


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