Since when do Twivamps bleed?

A little note on this post: When I refer to ‘canon’ here, I’m talking about the Twilight vampire mythology as it exists in the Twilight universe, canon meaning ‘as prescribed in the source material’. This post has nothing to do with canon events, or canon pairings.

Yeah, alright, I’m a canon details nazi. I know it. I’m interested though—is this a choice on the part of a fanfic author, to make the vampires have blood? Or…and here’s where I’ll get told to stop being such a meany, do these authors who write Twilight AU vamp fics, just not realise that Stephenie’s vampires don’t have blood of their own?

From the Twilight Lexicon page on vampire physiology, Twilight vampires have:

“no blood of their own”


“Assuming something is capable of cutting through a vampire’s flesh,…there would only be blood if he/she had freshly drunk blood (and drunk a lot). Otherwise there would only be a bit of venom.”

And this isn’t even upheld in the books. In Eclipse, when Riley is torn apart, he comes off in stony chunks. When Bella first sees him on the mountain, she notices his eyes are

“a more vivid red than I had ever seen before”

Which would suggest he’d fed very recently. Of course the argument could be made that he was a newborn…but this is the guy that came into Charlie’s house to steal Bella’s shirt and left without killing Charlie. Surely one can assume that he is old enough so that he doesn’t have the default newborn scarlet eyes?

And only minutes later, when Seth tears a bit off him,

“Something white and hard smacked into the rocks by my feet.”

No blood.

So when I come across a story where one of the vampires bleeds, I either assume:

  1. the author isn’t a fan of Steph’s vampire mythology and wants to insert their own
  2. the author isn’t terribly well versed in the Twilight universe

In the case of the former, I can forgive this, but I want to know first! It really does pull me out of an AU story if suddenly the vamps are bleeding all over the place. So put something in your A/N so that I expect it.

In the case of the latter, well, this is gonna come off bitchy, but hey, a spade is a spade. Have you even read the books? Yeah, okay, James bled a little in the Twilight movie, but the movies aren’t canon, especially not the first one! In the Eclipse movie, the vamps don’t bleed. Read the books again. Notice these things. Open the books while you’re writing, even if it’s just to clarify a point.

I like my Twific canon and AU because I like these vamps, I like this universe. If I wanted to read about vampires who bleed all over the place, I’d be reading in some other fandom.

For the record, it’s not just blood. The Twilight Lexicon is an adequate source of some information, but they are a little out of date, perhaps since the release of Breaking Dawn (the book!). Nothing will replace good old fashioned research, which, when we’re talking about Twilight vampire canon, is contained entirely within four (five, if you count Bree) and a half books. Read them. Flick through them. Get your sticky notes and bookmark those bastards. Hell, if you’re not sure on your canon, get yourself a canon nazi to pre-read (wondering why betas don’t pick up on this more—I know when I beta, I’ll comment on such a thing).


16 responses to “Since when do Twivamps bleed?

  • HammerHips

    Nice post and this irritates me as well when I’m reading “AU Canon”, especially if they have an aversion to silver or something stupid along those lines.

    In fact, it irritated me to the point that I wrote a one shot explaining the scientific reasons for the physiology of vamps a while ago. But, even I stray a bit now and then. I have and will insert a vamp vomiting blood if they have recently fed and the scene calls for it. But, even then it has to be a recent feed.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds this irritating! Oh, and here’s a link to my scientific explanations in case anyone would like to argue! *winks*

  • Char

    I totally agree, if you’re going to write a ‘canon’ fanfic, stick to the ‘canon’. If you’re not, include an A/N stating what is not canon. I do have a question, though, if AU means ‘Alternate Universe’, would this mean that a writer is not sticking to canon? I’m seriously wondering, because I’m not clear on that at all.


    • vampireisthenewblack

      I’m kind of glad you asked, because I’ve been thinking a lot about just that. The way I see it:

      There are three types of canon. You’ve got canon pairings, canon events/timeline, and canon mythology. Canon being the hard facts we have from the source.

      Alternate Universe is used if anything negates canon. So, AU cannot also be canon. You could have canon pairings within an AU timeline, or canon events within an AU mythology (there’s your bleeding vampires), but the story isn’t canon as a whole.

      AU means that there is something in canon that the author isn’t sticking to. Could be as simple as Bella never moving to Forks (leaving space for lots of lovely slashy Jakeward action, you know their issues are just sexual tension, right?), or it could be as major as vampires with fangs who bleed all over the place and burst into flames in the sunlight.

      Am I making sense? I tend to get a bit carried away ;)

      • Char

        You make perfect sense! LOL! Thanks for taking the time to explain. (And I totally agree about the Jakeward sexual tension…)

        I have often wondered about the whole ‘canon’ vs. ‘AU’ issue and, when I saw your post, I thought you would be the perfect one to ask.

        Thanks so much for clearing that up! ;o*

        Best wishes,

        Charli ox

  • naelany

    Hmm, while I see your points, certainly, I feel inclined to point out that Meyers’ ‘facts’ and ‘research’ are very fallible. Take my major point of contention – The Major. There is no way, no how that he is the age she claims him to be, at the time she claims him to be changed. It is simply NOT possible, for him to have been there. The event she talks about, are a year apart. Yes, there was a battle in Galveston. Actually, there were two. The first one has a major who plays a significant role, and actually takes care of the evacuation of women and children. All’s fine and well there. Except, she’s talking about this latter bit happening in the SECOND battle of Galveston. His age, as she has put it, would be for the second battle, not the first, yet the events she describes ARE from the first battle, not the second.

    Still with me? I know it’s all very convoluted and all, but seriously… I spent a LOT of time looking this shit up, and it simply does not add up. At all. I’m sure that if I were to dig a little deeper in other things that she’s mentioned, I’d find more that is incorrect. I think that is why people so often take their liberties with canon. Because canon isn’t… canon.

    • vampireisthenewblack

      I’m one of the first to admit that SM’s timelines are screwed up. It did my head in, but I established that Jane and Alec were changed circa (or prior to) 500CE, only to be stumped because Jane, in Eclipse, acts like she’s never met Carlisle before. There is no way that these two were made after Carlisle spent time with the Volturi, because Alec was a big factor in the Volturi kicking the Romanian Coven’s ass 1500 years prior to the events in Breaking Dawn.

      I have to assume that Jane was, for some reason, absent for the entire time Carlisle lived with the Volturi, and this makes one of my stories that I claim as canon in every way, non-canon. And yeah, that pisses me off.

      But timeline canon and vampire physiology canon are two different things. I’m sure that there are fuckups in her physiology as well, contradictions, like the quote above about vampires bleeding if they have recently fed. Generally, one thing will be stronger than another and you choose to go with that one. It’s not just Twilight. BtVS had some wildly contradicting aspects of the vampire mythology, far more than Twivamps IMO. It’s simply not that hard to get SM’s vampires ‘canon’, if you know the material. That’s what this post was about.

      I’ll probably do a whole ‘nother post about timelines :D

      Canon may not make perfect sense, but it is still canon. In the Twilight Universe, the evacuation simply takes place in the second battle of Galveston. Assuming this does not mean you are taking liberties with canon. You are following the facts as prescribed in the source.

      • naelany

        History, however, contradicts that completely. *sigh*

        As for the bleeding, I don’t know for sure, as I don’t own the books (outside of audio form, and that’s a little difficult to double check anything on), but isn’t it said somewhere that the reason the newborns are so strong, is because their own blood is still in their system, and it takes a year to assimilate into the body? That is why their eyes are redder (and Riley’s would be more red than what Bella’s seen before, since Victoria, James, and Laurent had fed recently, but are older vamps. Plus, I’m sure that Riley fed more ‘recently’, than they had done upon confronting the Cullens).
        Their own blood still in their system would, I’d think anyway, make it possible for them to “bleed”… to a certain extent, at least.

        Canon Twivamps cannot cry, but eyes can shimmer with the emotion as if they would cry, were they able. They do not bleed as they have no blood to shed (note aforementioned exception to that).

        Eh, I’m thinking that there is a lot of contradiction, and that is simply the reason why people take the liberties they do. I know I’m doing my damndest to be as true as possible to a story, whatever it is.

        • vampireisthenewblack

          You know, I always wondered why the venom in Bella’s eyes dissolved her contacts, but the vampires cannot even cry venom tears. *shrug*

          It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I don’t let it bother me too much, it’s just the way it is. But then I’ve always argued for the right of each vampire ‘universe’ to have it’s own particular lore, whether it makes sense or not.

          Hubby and I, years ago, used to have very heated discussions. He had a particular idea of what a vampire did and didn’t do, his idea of a ‘proper’ vampire, and believed all vampires in all fictional universes should prescribe to the same attributes.

          Silly man :D

          Me, I’m an equal opportunity vampire geek ;)

          I must have convinced him, because not once has he ever made comment on the ridiculousness of vampires that sparkle ;)

          • naelany

            Ha! Wish mine’d stop doing that! *chuckles*

            Well, she states numerous times that they look as if they’d cry, were it possibly for them to shed tears. Which to me, means that they have lubrication, and can have that shimmering look of emotion (like both Rose and Jasper have in Eclipse at some point) – the tears just aren’t produced enough to flow, if that makes sense?

            Yeah, there’s just too much that doesn’t make sense in the universe. But hey! We do what we can :-)

  • naelany

    damnit, I forgot to check the thingy so I’ll receive follow up comments lol

  • stitchlosmuertos

    Jumping in to suggest that SM created her own AU with Twilight anyway. I’m like naelany – I have put a lot of time and effort into researching Jasper’s potential Civil War career and there are glaring errors in Stephenie’s version. But . . . does that matter? She is writing about a world that does not exist in the first place, so her version of the Civil War is the “correct” version in the Twilight universe.


    • vampireisthenewblack

      Yep, right there with you, love. Who knows, maybe she changed the timeline to suit her story? Yeah, okay, it’s probably more likely that she didn’t do the research you girls have done ;) but in any case, I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t really matter.

      I’d rather get antsy over vampire blood, myself ;)

  • yomamma

    Actually James doesnt bleed in the movie. The blood you see by his mouth is Bellas, because he bit her.

    • vampireisthenewblack

      Long time since I wrote this post and a very long time since I saw the movie, but I’m sure I was referring to the chunk of meat Edward tears out of James’ throat. I’ve got a vague memory of Edward having blood on his mouth from having bitten James there.

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