Fic: Untitled Jakeward PWP

Just some hard drive detritus I stumbled across. I’m never going to do anything with it, it’s obviously something I scribbled down at some stage and forgot about. It’s unedited, but I know venis-envy would want to see it if no one else, so here ‘tis.

Seems like it could be something from the I Did That to Him universe.

Edward/Jacob, AU, <1400 words, and it’s graphic m/m sex.


I stroke my hands down the back of the vampire, following the line of his spine, and I reach his waist and wrap one hand around each side of him. I hold firmly, feeling that minute pliability, the thing I think of as softness.

I begin to move.

Real slow, I pull almost half-way out of him, listening for the tiny grunt he always gives, right when he thinks I might pull out all the way, and then I push back in. I love the way he arches his back and raises his head and moans when I fill him.

This is what we do. We meet in secret and we fuck, and that’s it. That’s all it is. I wanna fuck him, and he wants me to fuck him, and so we are both using each other for this. It doesn’t mean anything.

I feel him tense, his ass clamping down around my cock, and I know he needs to come, wants to come, and so I grab his cock in my hand, still slick with the lube he started bringing along (what, I’m supposed to be able to carry that stuff in my teeth when I come out here?) and begin to stroke him as I fuck him.

It’s a fucking beautiful thing, a vampire’s cock. Like a roman column, or some shit. Always hard, even when he’s soft, if that makes any sense. And when he is hard, oh my god, so damn hard. He loves it when I suck it for him, it drives him crazy, so fucking crazy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that a tiny part of what he gets off on so much is how much I’m trusting him when we do stuff.

Anything we do, kissing, sucking, fucking, he could kill me in a split second. He’d barely even have to think about it.

He lets out a loud cry and arches up and hangs his head down low. “Oh God… Jacob… Jake,” he moans as his ass clenches up so that I can barely move in him, but I fuck him harder, holding his hips and slamming into him forcefully, loud grunts of my own coming from deep in my chest.

The meadow echoes with the sounds of wet flesh smacking against stone, our grunts, our moans, and his words, and I’ve barely had time to warm up the inside of his ass with my thrusting when he screams and shoots cold come over my fingers and into the grass below him, and almost immediately I hit my peak, and I growl as I fill his ass, and suddenly it’s warm, even hot, slicker, and I keep pumping and thrusting and pumping until I’ve shot every last drop inside him.

His beautiful fucking ass. So perfect and pale and just the right shape, with just the right kind of softness.

Vampire softness. It’s weird, but I love to get my fingers in there and get that little squish.

I collapse onto his back, still inside him. Still moving my hips just a little, even though I’m rapidly going soft enough that if I move too far I’ll slip out, trailing come down his thighs.

And then I pull out, push off of him and lean back, just so I can see his body immediately recover from my invasion, so I can watch my come oozing out of his ass.

It’s that feeling of power again. It’s fucked up, because there’s that thing, where one errant scratch from his sharp teeth could kill me horribly, so really, he’s got the power, he’s got the upper hand, right?

But he lets me fuck him. He lets me penetrate his body with my cock. He lets me pump him full of my come. I smile as I watch my come drip down his inner thigh. A stray thought enters my mind, and he groans and shivers at it, but while I might entertain the thought of dragging my tongue against that perfect little asshole, I don’t know if I can deal with licking up my own come.

You like the idea, don’t you? You want my tongue on your hole?

A soft, rumbling purr rolls through him, and he twists his head to look at me, but he says nothing, instead rising to his feet, hiding the evidence of what I did to him.

In a blur, he’s gone, to the stream nearby, I know, to wash himself, and so I phase and follow.

I like to watch as he rinses himself in the frigid water. I like to watch as much as I can before he returns to the meadow and puts his clothes back on. He ignores me as he cups water in his hands and scrubs my semen from his thighs and ass. Even when I leer at him, and in my mind urge him to touch himself, he ignores me.

His cock doesn’t ignore me. It rises, despite the freezing water—though for a vampire, I doubt it makes any difference—so I imagine him taking his cock in his hand and stroking it while I watch.

“Stop it,” he hisses.

You don’t like that I still think like a human when I look like a wolf?

He rolls his eyes. “Aren’t you usually running away by now?”

I thought about it. Yes, usually. I don’t know why I’m still here. Probably because he’s so damn pretty. He ignores that thought. I figure he’s used to hearing it in other’s minds. I let myself look, at his strong thighs, at his perfect ass…

I want to fuck you again.

He freezes. He stands there, stock still for a moment. His cock twitches and he frowns. I wish I knew what was going through his head.

“You need to get yourself a girlfriend, Jacob,” he whispers.

Why? You have one, and you’re still letting a werewolf fuck you every opportunity you get.

I barely have a moment to realise that he is lunging for me before I have time to crouch defensively, but he still knocks me down and holds me, his strong arms around my shoulders, and I see his face from the corner of my eye. His teeth are bared, and a low growl rumbles through him though it’s not one of pleasure like it was earlier. “You think I’m proud of that fact, dog? You think I like going back around my family stinking of wolf and having them know what I’ve been doing? That I’m happy about lying to Bella? What would you have me do? Tell her the truth? That I swore to her that I would never leave her again, never hurt her again, and only days later I had another man’s cock inside me?”

Very carefully, I shift back into human form, and we both roll to the ground, his arms still around me. His grip loosens, and he rolls off onto his back and lies there, staring at the sky.

“Pretty sure she’s not gonna be too happy with me when she finds out, either. The best friend fucking the boyfriend? It never goes down well.”

Edward Cullen turns his head and stares at me. I almost never speak out loud when we are together. Most times, I simply don’t need to.

“I like when you do. You have a beautiful voice.”

“You’re such a fucking girl, Edward.”

He sighs. “I don’t know what to do. If I was any kind of a man I would tell her. But what difference does it make? I can’t stop. I try. Every time I leave you, I swear I won’t look for you again, but I do.”

She’ll never speak to me again, but you…she’ll forgive anything you do. You almost sent her crazy when you left, you almost killed her, but as soon as you came back, she forgave you. I don’t know what it is about you bloodsuckers. Drag you all through shit and you come up smelling like roses. Fucking leeches.

He doesn’t seem to react, but he pulls himself to his feet and tears off back toward the meadow.

By the time I reach it, he’s gone, and so are his clothes.

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