Archive of Our Own

logo After my Creative Commons post, I was faffing about on, adding the license to my fics and profile and shit, and I had a poke around. It’s very easy there to give credit if you translate or remix someone else’s fanwork. When you upload a fic, you check a box, paste a link, and it’s all done for you. I’ve done it on my own fanfic of my fanfic (confused? I confuse myself O.o).

There’s not a whole lot of twificcers over there yet. If there were, I’d be doing most of my reading there. It’s ridiculously easy to download a chapter fic to my phone from there, and I do all my reading on my phone. From AO3 a couple of clicks is all it takes and then I have the epub on my phone and in my reader. If the fic is on FFn, however, I have to get on the computer, go to the Story Master application (and my computer does NOT like silverlight), and wait for it to be emailed to me. Then I have to go to gmail on my phones web browser to download it. Until recently, I had to unzip the thing on my computer and email it back to myself before I could get it on my phone *headesk*

Lots more faffing about. I like being able to do it all on my phone from AO3. Story Master is a fantastic application, but the fact that AO3 provides those download links from the story page is just bloody brilliant. With e-readers and smartphones so common now, it makes a shitload of sense for story archives to provide these downloads.

So that means you can go to my fic on AO3 and download any of it in epub, kindle (mobi), pdf, or HTML format.

Archive of Our Own is still in beta, but it’s very functional. When I applied for my invite I got it within a day. I can put my banner at the top of my story. I can format my story using HTML if I want to. URL’s don’t get stripped like they do on FFn. A/N’s are treated separately and don’t mess with your word count. You can make your own freaking skin for the entire site so damn easily (I found the site skin too clunky. I’ve made it little. Took me 5 minutes). Fic diving is actually a pleasure on AO3 with the way things are categorised and tagged. I just want more twific there!

And I can’t help but see the tremendous potential of the AO3 collections for anonymous contests and fests.


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