NaNo ‘11: Outline Method

My outlines take quite a bit from the snowflake method, but it’s more organic. I do character profiles, basic story breakdown, chapter and scene descriptions. I do a one sentence summary or a hook, and I do a paragraph summary/blurb. But I make notes on this stuff as it comes. There’s no particular order or time limit I have to do them all. Usually I end up with a bundle of torn out pages, or bits and pieces in scattered notebooks.

100_6320I’m loving my hardcover exercise books. I’m currently using them for two of my nano options. The two stories are very different, so I’m sectioning them off accordingly. One book has a lot of world building, so I need space for that. The other one has flashback scenes, so I’ve created another partition for those. Basically I’m just sectioning the books for the way I outline best, but in a way that I can keep it all together, and file it easily.

It’s quite interesting that as I’m outlining one of these stories, I’m finding that it’s likely to be a lot shorter than I originally thought. With all the notes I’ve been making on that story for the last 9 months (and god only knows where most of those are now) I had no idea it was such a compact story.

Next time I’ll write a bit more about the individual parts of my outlines.


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