NaNo ‘11: Subplots and Threads

As I write this, I’m laid low with the flu—actually 3/4 of my family is sick as a dog—so if it’s short and vague, I hope you’ll forgive me.

100_6323-1 I don’t usually use a lot of subplots. Mainly because I do write a lot of short fic and there isn’t room. But even some of my longer stuff isn’t terribly subplotty. There are… things… that I don’t find plotty enough to actually call ‘plot’—but they are something that runs through the story and needs to be kept track of.

I call them, along with any subplots, ‘threads’. I don’t know why. Perhaps because together they make up the fabric of the story?

Anyway, I keep track of this stuff so I don’t forget to introduce it, to reinforce it, and to wrap it up. Because my mind is sieve-like and I forget stuff ;)

These threads can be as simple as the fact that one of my characters is a smoker, or as complex a subplot as the romance blossoming in the background between a couple of the minor characters.

But I keep a list of this stuff (or in the case of Vital Depth II, which is extremely subplotty, paste an envelope into the big red book to hold notes on the subplots and threads) and use these to refer to when I’m planning out my chapters. These threads and subplots really do come into play when I’m drawing up my plot spreadsheet—which I’ll write about in another post.

While I’m here, just a reminder about The VampSlash Halloween Fest. No competition, just lots of lovely vampy & halloweeny fics. 100 words minimum, no maximum word count!


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