NaNo 11: What I’m Writing in November

So I had a huge list of possibilities for NaNo this year and big red books with characters and plots to prove it. I had a blog post planned where I was gonna ask for input on which story to write in November (and one of those choices was ‘hit a random plot generator at 11.59pm Oct 31st’).

And then it hit me.

I’d just bought another book in which to unload yet another of my brain-dwelling plot bunnies. And I started filling it in. And I started thinking about the story. And I started coming up with more detail to the story. And I started brainstorming with hubby (yes, I’m allowed to do that as long as I keep any slashiness out of the conversation).

I’m doing that story.

So. No ‘what should I write’ poll :( Instead I’m madly scrambling researching cloud computing and mobile technology. My story is set in 2050, in an alternate earth timeline where everything digital went poof on 1/1/00. Yes, it’s m/m, but the romance seems to be a very small part of the story so far.

You know what’s weird? The big red book for this story isn’t even red. It’s green. It was cheaper :D

Oh, and I’m writing by hand, too. Yes, this can be done legally for NaNoWriMo. Yes, it can be validated. Yes, I can win. :D I bought myself a spanking new ring binder the other day for it, with dividers. I figure I can use the dividers between chapters, keep it all nice and tidy. And I’m writing on pre-punched lined paper (we call it refill here). I figured out I will need at least 90 leaves to make my word count for the month. Yes, I’m a little OCD :p

I want new pens. With different coloured inks. I need to print out some of my character pics (yes, I ‘cast’ my characters) and paste them into my story bible (the big red green book). I need to do more research, follow more cloud and mobile geeks on G+ (if you are one, poke me so I can circle you or otherwise pick your brain).

And I’m bouncy-excited!


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