WTF Am I Doing?

Just a quick little post to say that I posted an A Madness Most Discreet extra today. I’m calling it a ‘betweentake’ because it comes in ‘between’ part 1 and part 2 ;) It’s filthy, and terribly un-PC, but it’s almost twice the length of one of my normal chapters. If you look closely, you might get the chance to prompt the next AMMD betweentake as JasperLuver48 did this time around.

Now that I’ve done that, I’ve got a one shot to polish for the Halloween Fest and some betaing to do. I’m finding myself reluctant to start another writing project so close to NaNo, which is ridiculous because I have almost 3 weeks—that’s like 35k in NaNo terms ;)

Keep your Halloween Fest fics coming in. These will post between 11pm and midnight on the 31st of October so I’m scheduling them all as they come in because at midnight on the 31st I’ll be getting ready to start NaNoWriMo!

And I got an email today from AlwaysWriteWithYourHeart about the TwiSlash Library. She’s making a video and will be using some of my fic banners in it, so… yay!


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