Flash Fiction Friday

Yes, I am aware that it’s likely not Friday where you are right now. It is where I am. So there :p

New Thingy! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, hopefully it’s not a big fat flop ;) Drabbles are always great for writing blocks and stalls and a fantastic way of keeping those writing muscles (the ones that dwell in your backside and in your brain) well oiled and shit.

Once a week I’ll scour weheartit for interesting pics and hit watchout4snakes for random words and post them as prompts for a quickie drabble contest.

This week:

  • Awareness
  • Yearly
  • Posed

Prompts can be interpreted in any way you like. You can use as many or as few as you like. The inspiration you take from them can be as vague or as specific as you need it to be. You can write fanfic of whatever fandom you like or you can write original fic. You can use any pairing, any genre, anything. Be as fluffy or as squicky or as taboo as you like. Crossover, collaborate, whatever, but no more than two entries per week per author.

Your drabble must be exactly 100 words. No more. No less.

You’ve got until Thursday (NZ time, so Wednesday for most of you) to post your drabbles so I can pick a winner and write the next FFF post.

I’ll choose a winner on a fickle whim and will award a pretty banner and an eternal place on the Flash Fiction Friday Winners Link List.

Post your drabbles in the comments section of this post to be eligible. You can also post wherever else you like. Links to here are always awesome :) A very brief header with warnings or ratings if applicable would be appreciated. I’ll read anything, but not everyone is as foolhardy ;)

Next week I’ll post the winner and a new set of prompts!


27 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday

  • Danielle

    A ‘missing’ scene from the novel I’m (trying) to write.

    Prompt used: Awareness.

    It began as a tingling. Like the lick of heat from a candle. Like when you slide into a hot bath with cold skin and pinpricks erupt all over your body.

    It became a burning soon after. The sudden awareness of heat shocking. My body trembling, I stood, hoping it would help.

    But it just got worse.

    Eyes aching, throat begging for reprieve.

    Soon after even my chest was hurting.

    Heart heavy.
    The sobs were almost an afterthought.

    Tears to soothe my flaming cheeks.

    ‘Please don’t.’
    I can’t survive without you.

    Collapsing to the floor when he left.


  • bookjunkie1975

    Title: Tagged
    Prompt: picture 2
    A/N: A Twilight slash drabble. Because boys who love boys are awesome. PG Riley/Mike

    Riley thinks that if he could he would like to paint Mike’s body the way he paints these walls; cover it with something beautiful, something bold. He would leave his mark over and over again so that everyone would know and there’d be no more secrets and maybe then Mike would slide his fingers through Riley’s, lean his head against his shoulder, press his lips to Riley’s jaw, in full view of everyone and Riley could stop walking always two paces behind. Riley wonders what a world full of colour would feel like. But for now he has these walls.

  • Cassie Gwiazdzinski (@starrycreations)

    Title: DSL
    Fandom/Couple: Twillight/One-Sided (almost creepy stalkerish) EdwardJacob
    Rating: R
    Prompt: the first picture
    Notes: I saw the lips and then I thought about Taylor and his delicious pair and couldn’t resist. The title stands for Dick Sucking Lips…which, I think, Taylor has a pretty good set of. :) Hope you enjoy!!


    Edward had never seen lips like his before: plump, round and just begging to be licked, nipped, and kissed—it was hard to resist, even harder to sit back and simply watch those luscious lips wrap around a long neck and drink deeply. Edward watched—because he couldn’t look away—the man’s Adam’s apple bob with every gulp before he set the bottle back on the table and licked his lips, smiling at his friends before rejoining the conversation. Edward leaned back against the leather and imagined those perfect lips wrapped around his hard cock, sucking him until he came.

  • Bbebar (@Bbebar)

    Prompt: All in some way
    Notes: Just some inner dialogue. No named characters. Fill in anyone you imagine. I picture two boys…

    My once supple lips are cracking; deep fissures and crevices dug by worrying teeth and tongue. 

    I’m under no false pretense of  security. Encumbered by weights of responsibility, I search starry cobalt skies for resolution.  

    Guided by brilliant constellations that paint pictures of ancient warriors, I find solace to swallow my complacency. 

    Trailing a single fingertip across my mouth, I spread the remaining dampness into a path of salvation. 

    Only then do I see him, black silhouette posed against multitudes of quivering stars. 

    A collision of sublime awareness, choruses of proof; all singing the same song. 

    I am not alone. 

  • M (@mauralee88)

    Title: Cruelty of Fate
    Fandom/Couple: Twilight / Edward/?
    Rating: PG
    Prompt: The third picture

    Alaska. It was supposed to be my refuge, my escape from the torment of her scent. Yet here I sit, awaiting my end.
    I left my family and friends to save ‘her’ life, and what does she do? She sends her dogs after me. They’ve done a remarkable job tracking me, and herding me towards the lake. I know there is no escape at this point. They’re everywhere.
    So I sit, and I wait. I feel the heat from their bodies as they approach. It won’t be much longer now.
    My last thought is of you, my mate, my beloved.

  • Sue (@gypsysue_au)

    Just a random drabble. Prompt is Yearly.

    It was that time again. I shook my head rapidly to clear the static.

    Without fail, he would come, like clockwork. She would be with him, his arm pulled to her possessively.

    She knew, could read it in my eyes. I loved him. The pity would be laced with vengefulness.

    He’s mine, her look would tell me. You will never be were I am. Then she would smirk.

    Every year it was the same, and every year I prayed he would look at me, the way he looked at her.

    I sighed as they finish their business.

    Maybe next year.

  • Anonymous Poser

    Prompt: Posed

    I am posed.

    Posed in this position.

    The smile that’s etched onto my face.

    The strength of my spine as I stand.

    All I want is to fold.

    Into his arms

    But I can’t find them.

    All that falls are tears.

    Tears that belong to him

    So I pose.

    I smile through the lies that live in me.

    I swallow the scream that would make him hear me.

    I cover the wound, where my heart once was.

    The heart that belongs to him.

    He has it now.

    He has everything.

    But he can’t see.

    He doesn’t know.

    So I pose.

  • dellaterra

    Title/Prompt: The Girl
    Fandom: Twilight (Edward’s POV)
    Rating: T
    A/N: This black and white photo reminded me of some of the incredible work of photographers such as Dorothea Lange during the Great Depression, which led me to imagine what might have happened if Edward had encountered this mysterious young woman on the streets of Chicago during his vigilante period.

    I had never seen her before, might never even have noticed her, except for one nearly imperceptible movement as she approached me.

    Eyes downcast, she tilted her head ever so slightly, leaving her neck even more exposed. A ghost of a smile appeared and was gone before she looked up at me, eyes burning, pleading.

    It was all I could do not to take her in my arms, pressing my nose against that alabaster skin before drinking my fill.

    But I had sworn an oath, and although every fiber of my being was drawn to her, I passed her by.

    • venisenvy

      i was so in love with your A/N that I was distracted and had to read the drabble twice (all right, 3 times). Dorothea Lange is amazing. So much emotion in every shot…
      Anyway, fantastic job with this. I absolutely loved this line:
      A ghost of a smile appeared and was gone before she looked up at me, eyes burning, pleading.

      • dellaterra

        I’m late as usual, but I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write such kind words about last week’s drabble. Looking forward to seeing what people come up with during Week 2!

  • venisenvy

    Prompt: Yearly
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Notes: Post-fever delirium, flashfic fuckery, and hols procrastination.

    Against golden beams of sunlight streaming in, Harry rubs a hand wearily over his eyes. Feeling around blindly, his fingers glide across cool sheets, closing around his wand. He casts Tempus and summons his glasses. 11 o’clock. He hasn’t slept this late in… ever.
    He’s alone. He expected nothing less. The confirmation still stings with a sharp pang of sorrow.
    One day it’ll be different. One day, he’ll stay.
    They’ve been together once yearly for almost a decade now. The anniversary of the war’s end; the anniversary of Harry’s own death. And what’s more fitting than a celebratory emotional suicide?

  • Bbebar (@Bbebar)

    Love love love. And so sweet of you to comment on everyone’s piece.

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