Flash Fiction Friday

I am aware that it’s likely not Friday where you are. It is where I am. :p

Once a week I scour weheartit for interesting pics and hit watchout4snakes for random words and post them as prompts for a quickie drabble contest.

Last weeks winner:

Flash Fiction Friday Winners Banner

The winning drabble:

He tells me he’s looking for a book about kittens. I quirk an eyebrow in response just before hearing him mumble something under his breath. It sounds suspiciously like forget it and whatever.

“How very rude,”  I huff indignantly. “The kittens only caught me by surprise,” I further explain, turning my back to him. Inexplicably, my feelings are bruised.

I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash at puppies or even a hamster. Questions swim around my head like fish in a tank, but my pride prevents me from giving voice to them.

His hand is as soft as his whispered apology.

This weeks prompts (bit of a black and white theme this week):


Contortionist | Undefended | Hazily

Prompts can be interpreted in any way you like. You can use as many or as few as you like. The inspiration you take from them can be as vague or as specific as you need it to be. You can write fanfic of whatever fandom you like or you can write original fic. You can use any pairing, any genre, anything. Be as fluffy or as squicky or as taboo as you like. Crossover, collaborate, whatever, but no more than two entries per week per author.

Your drabble must be exactly 100 words. No more. No less.

You’ve got until Thursday (NZ time, so Wednesday for most of you) to post your drabbles so I can pick a winner and write the next Flash Fiction Friday post.

I choose a winner on a fickle whim and award a pretty banner and an eternal place on the Flash Fiction Friday Winners Link List.

Post your drabbles in the comments section of this post to be eligible. You can also post wherever else you like. Links to here are always awesome :) A very brief header with warnings or ratings if applicable would be appreciated. I’ll read anything, but not everyone is as foolhardy ;)

Next week I’ll post the winner and a new set of prompts!


13 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday

  • dellaterra

    Title/Prompt: The Witches
    Fandom: Twilight
    Rating: M
    A/N: The vamps have had enough of immortality and decide to try witchcraft instead. (I’m feeling a little loopy today.) Happy Halloween!

    * * *

    Esme held up a finger while reading the latest chapter. “…And then Carlisle pushed this finger into Edward’s…”

    Bella, on Esme’s left, smiled fondly as she remembered how much fun it had been to watch.

    Rosalie, in the middle, tried to be dignified about it, but she couldn’t help the snort of laughter that escaped from her lips. “Emmett used to do that all the time.”

    Alice just grinned and drank her tea. She’d seen it all before – and after, when Jasper tried the same thing.

    “How do those fanfic girls know so much about our sex life?” Esme wondered.

  • Ninja (@Bbebar)

    Title/Prompt: Undefended
    A/N: That word struck a chord…a painful one.
    Rating: T

    When the attack comes, it is with words instead of weapons, each insult piercing my skin as deeply and painfully as any arrow.

    Your pretty promises lead me to believe you’ll protect me, echoes of loyalty and friendship reverberating in my heart.

    But when the time comes to choose, you leave me undefended; your lack of action a glaring spotlight of brutal reality. You convinced me I was your everything, yet I walked tightropes over nothing.

    Rose colored glasses can shatter in an instant; ice cold water scratching down my spine.

    You break me down. I build myself back up.

  • bookjunkie1975

    Title/Prompt: Contortionist
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Rating: PG
    A/N: I’m practising dialogue.

    “I can’t feel my foot.”

    “Too bad.”

    “No. Seriously. No feeling. In my foot.”

    “Don’t even think about moving, Potter.”

    “And my nose is itchy.”

    “Is it entirely impossible for you to be still for just one minute?”

    “This was your idea.”

    “I’m trying to expand your world view. Stop laughing.”

    “I’m sorry, Draco. You’re trying to expand my “world view”? Really?”

    “This has many healthful benefits, Potter.”

    “Oh, I don’t doubt that. But I’m not a bloody contortionist.”

    “One benefit is added flexibility.”


    “In the bedroom.”


    “Remember that picture?”

    “On page sixty-four?”


    “I love yoga.”

  • Anonymous Poster

    Prompt: Photo of raised hand
    Rated: M-ish

    Every time she raises her hand my pants get a little tighter. That sexy obscure tattoo etched onto her ivory skin unhinges me a little more every day. What’s worse is that crimson smirk, like she knows.

    That I would do anything to be inside her.

    Sixth period bio never lasted so long, I thought, as I wiped my forehead. I’m proud of myself for not watching her ass as it left my class. Imagining that the extra sway is for me.
    But it’s wrong because even though I’m her teacher, I doubt she’d want to learn anatomy my way.

  • Anonymous Poster

    Prompt: Hazily

    I am my shadow’s reflection.

    Empty, dark and alone.

    I move hazily through this moment and the next.

    The staleness of this life distorts my vision.

    I no longer see the colors of this world.

    Without you.

    I stay inside because I envy the sun.

    Its brightness evades the darkness within me.

    Time has no measure, ever since my heart stopped beating.

    Because of you.

    Life and death are ambiguous.

    I cannot separate them.

    My existence is achromatic.

    My existence is tasteless.

    I long for color, for light, for love.

    Not this bleached life.

    Not this endless sleep.

    Wake me.

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