Flash Fiction Friday #4

I am aware that it’s likely not Friday where you are. It is where I am. :p

Once a week I scour weheartit for interesting pics and hit watchout4snakes for random words and post them as prompts for a quickie drabble contest.

Last weeks winner:

Flash Fiction Friday Winners Banner

The winning drabble:

Every time she raises her hand my pants get a little tighter. That sexy obscure tattoo etched onto her ivory skin unhinges me a little more every day. What’s worse is that crimson smirk, like she knows.

That I would do anything to be inside her.

Sixth period bio never lasted so long, I thought, as I wiped my forehead. I’m proud of myself for not watching her ass as it left my class. Imagining that the extra sway is for me.
But it’s wrong because even though I’m her teacher, I doubt she’d want to learn anatomy my way.

This weeks prompts (feeling a bit silly this morning):

freedom | warp | common

Prompts can be interpreted in any way you like. You can use as many or as few as you like. The inspiration you take from them can be as vague or as specific as you need it to be. You can write fanfic of whatever fandom you like or you can write original fic. You can use any pairing, any genre, anything. Be as fluffy or as squicky or as taboo as you like. Crossover, collaborate, whatever, but no more than two entries per week per author.

Your drabble must be exactly 100 words. No more. No less.

You’ve got until Thursday (NZ time, so Wednesday for most of you) to post your drabbles so I can pick a winner and write the next Flash Fiction Friday post.

I choose a winner on a fickle whim and award a pretty banner and an eternal place on the Flash Fiction Friday Winners Link List.

Post your drabbles in the comments section of this post to be eligible. You can also post wherever else you like. Links to here are always awesome :) A very brief header with warnings or ratings if applicable would be appreciated. I’ll read anything, but not everyone is as foolhardy ;)

Next week I’ll post the winner and a new set of prompts!


13 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday #4

  • Craig Towsley

    Hey there, stumbled across your challenge through the wordpress readomattic, and figured I’d give it a shot.

    Will looked at the tree and remembered how, years ago, he climbed up, sat there and watched the sun set. He remembered it turned orange and red like autumn leaves and sank through the sky until it hid behind the steep, pointed roof of his step-father’s house.

    He thought the tree would be smaller. It loomed up, towered above him. The lowest branch was twelve feet off the ground. He wondered how he managed to climb that high. The leather belt snapped in his mind. Will felt it land across his face; the sharp sting, the salty tears and he knew.


  • Flash Fiction Friday Challenge « Craig Towsley

    […] this challenge here. And since I can no longer come up with ideas of my own, decided to scrape the rust off my mind and […]

  • Anonymous Poster

    Prompt: Teddy Bears
    Rated: M-ish

    I don’t know how Jasper talked me into coming here.

    A sex shop of all places.

    Now I’m lost and alone…confused and blushing.

    I’m wandering the aisles, ignoring my wicked curiosity.

    That’s when I hear her.

    “How can you not have any male bears? I need one.” she pleads.

    Her voice is hypnotic, I’m near her in seconds.

    When she finally notices me, she also notices the bear in my hand.

    She walks right over, plugs my male bear’s “attachment” into her female bear’s “slot”.

    Then, her mouth lifts into this sinful smirk and she says, “You’re my other half”.

  • Ninja (@Bbebar)

    Title/Prompt: FREEDOM
    A/N: Not sure why all these words are evoking such angst. May need to write another fluffy drabble to recover!
    Rating: M

    Your attention reeled me in and fed my hungry heart. Ravenously, I feasted on your declarations of love and once-in-a-lifetime connections.

    Words constantly contradicting actions, you shackled me with deception; the chains of betrayal thick and heavy against my skin.

    My love for you rubbed raw in my attempts at escape. Marks black and blue invisible to everyone but me. Acceptance was the key, unlocking the pain that was my only sure path to freedom.

    Unbound and unattached, I mercifully crawled across your floor, right past your unseeing eyes, and you never even looked down.

    So I kept on going.

    • bookjunkie1975

      Loved this:
      “Unbound and unattached, I mercifully crawled across your floor, right past your unseeing eyes, and you never even looked down.

      So I kept on going.”

      So powerful, it stings a bit. Nice job, bb.

  • Ninja (@Bbebar)

    Title: Love
    Prompt: Child in the tree picture
    A/N: Some fluff as promised.

    Mama always said that love is a Winter tree. Glistening gold and green leaves of other seasons are easily admired, like brilliant gemstones brightening the dullest of colors. 

    But mama taught me to see beauty in drab brown branches, because it isn’t until something is stripped bare that its true character is found. 

    Was it really so impossible to notice how snow painted that tree like diamonds, that its limbs twisted towards the heavens as if in prayer, or all the times it cradled me, high in the sky, never once letting me fall. 

    Except head over heels in love. 

  • bookjunkie1975

    Title: In Pieces
    Prompt: Man on Sofa
    A/N: I don’t know, people. I just don’t even know.

    It was always something. That woman wasn’t happy with anything. It was always “You’re too quiet,” or “You’re so weak,” or “You need to stand up for yourself” or my personal favourite, “You can’t do anything right can you?” And if I apologized, off she’d go on another rant. Why can’t people just be happy with what they’ve got? Why was she always pushingpushingpushing. It got to be so that a person couldn’t think with all that noise, let alone read the paper in peace. It was all just too much. Things are quieter now though. Rest in pieces, Bitch.

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