Flash Fiction Friday #7

I am aware that it’s likely not Friday where you are. It is where I am. :p

Once a week I scour weheartit for interesting pics and hit watchout4snakes for random words and post them as prompts for a quickie drabble contest.

Last weeks winner:

Flash Fiction Friday Winners Banner

The winning drabble:

The first time I saw him was completely orchestrated on his part.  As had become my habit, I was walking with my head held down and my collar reaching up.

“Slow down,” he called out, “my legs are shorter than yours.”

Something in his tone made me pay attention, even though I knew it wasn’t plausible anyone would speak to me.

Surreptitiously, my eyes lifted ever so sparingly in his direction before widening involuntarily. It was apparent that unless he was talking to himself, I remained the only option in the nearby vicinity.

That was the day I stopped hiding.

This weeks prompts:

Combining | Tunnel | Tradition

Prompts can be interpreted in any way you like. You can use as many or as few as you like. The inspiration you take from them can be as vague or as specific as you need it to be. You can write fanfic of whatever fandom you like or you can write original fic. You can use any pairing, any genre, anything. Be as fluffy or as squicky or as taboo as you like. Crossover, collaborate, whatever, but no more than two entries per week per author.

Your drabble must be exactly 100 words. No more. No less.

You’ve got until Thursday (NZ time, so Wednesday for most of you) to post your drabbles so I can pick a winner and write the next Flash Fiction Friday post.

I choose a winner on a fickle whim and award a pretty banner and an eternal place on the Flash Fiction Friday Winners Link List.

Post your drabbles in the comments section of this post to be eligible. You can also post wherever else you like. Links to here are always awesome :) A very brief header with warnings or ratings if applicable would be appreciated. I’ll read anything, but not everyone is as foolhardy ;)

Next week I’ll post the winner and a new set of prompts!


6 responses to “Flash Fiction Friday #7

  • Anonymous Poster

    Prompt: Boy on railroad

    People called him a sinner or a freak.

    But I saw beauty, fire and brilliancy.

    Even when he fought his hardest to conceal it.

    Anyone who’s ever seen him wonders about him.

    I’m no exception.

    I wonder about his silence and his sadness.

    Where has his smile gone?

    I wonder about the songs he knows on that guitar.

    Who gave it to him?

    Did he love them?

    Was he loved?

    And of the many things I’ve wondered, it’s always this I’ve wondered most; If he counts the same exact stars as I do, before I slip into dreams of him.

  • Anonymous Poster

    Prompt: Tradition

    We meet late at night, it’s our secret.

    We sit by the water and watch the moon fade in and out of the passing clouds.

    It’s our sanctuary, our reprieve.

    I’m in love with you.

    You knew it before I did.

    But in the light of day, our love can’t live.

    I trace the shadows under your eyes, you watch me fight a yawn.

    Battling sleep has become our secret tradition.

    I fear the morning light and what comes with it.

    I fear all the things we don’t know.

    I don’t know anything but when I’m with you, it’s everything.

  • Ninja (@Bbebar)

    Title: Untitled
    Prompt: Boy with a guitar pic
    A/N: Who wouldn’t want a pretty boy who plays guitar and whose soul speaks to yours without saying a word?
    Rating: T

    His melancholy music and mood greet me long before he does; the notes all sharp chords contrasting with gentle strumming. 

    Something about that blatant contradiction unsettles me, layering tension over nervous curiosity. But this a feeling my body and heart know intimately. 

    I walk the line between love and hate, happiness and sadness, generosity and selfishness; the balance so easily tipping to one side or another. 

    Until I hear his song, calling out my name, grounding me firmly to his side of the tracks. 

    It gives me no choice really. All questions lead directly to him. 

    He is the answer. 

    • Anonymous Poster

      Love the lines from “I walk the line between love and hate” on down. Very mysterious and it pulls you right into this without giving it all away. I wonder why he’s so tense and nervous and what the guitarist has answered for this person. Awesome job.

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