Procrastination in the form of H/D Holidays

So I’m supposed to be immersed in rewrites and edits for the two twikinkfest fics I claimed prompts for and which are due in only 8 days… but… Yeah. I’m not. Instead, I’m working my way through the H/D Holidays fics that have been posted so far.

I’m not a terribly fast reader, but I’ve been devouring around one story per day since about the second? day of posting. They’re all good. Really good. The calibre of writing that the HP fandom is capable of continues to astound me, and when I read the hols fics last year they were all really really good too. This is one fest that brings out the quality, I think (from the perspective of someone who just kind of dithers around on the edge of HP fandom without actually being part of it).

Anyway, so far my two favourites are Humbug (A Christmas Tale) and Party of Two, if you’re looking for somewhere to start (if you’re not already buried in hols fics).

I have to say, I’m really loving the Chrome extension Kindle It, the Aldiko app on my phone, and dropbox for piss-easy getting the fic on my phone so I can read it when and where and how I want. Just saying :D


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