Flash Fiction Friday #9

Woops! I completely forgot to post last Friday, so yes, we’ve skipped a week. I blame my entire lack of efficient time management with my twikinkfest fics ;) There has been some flailing going on this last week O.O This post is late as well because I’ve spent today madly preparing my final prompt fill for posting.

I’m changing the format a little. The same people keep coming back week after week to fill the comments section of these posts with fantastic drabbles, and I love hosting them, but as far as choosing a winner every week… It’s hard, man! So I’m going to remove the contest part of Flash Fiction Friday. Hopefully you’ll all still keep coming back :)

Once a week I scour weheartit for interesting pics and hit watchout4snakes for random words and post them as prompts for a quickie drabble contest (henceforth to be simply a wee… fest-type thingy. Or something).

The final winner:

Flash Fiction Friday Winners Banner

The winning drabble:

“I don’t know how to put this gently, Carlisle….”

This was so awkward.

My divorce seemed downright pleasant in comparison.

He’d moved here just two weeks before his youngest son had pulled this crap with my baby girl.

What’s worse is the little menace’s father kept laughing.

For Pete’s sake, I thought I’d have a 30 year wait before I had to deal with this stuff.

I looked to where the kids were playing; the two of them had this same look…this pure happiness.

I sigh, “Just tell him to keep his lips to himself for at least 10 years”.

This weeks prompts:

Fool | Curing | Say

Prompts can be interpreted in any way you like. You can use as many or as few as you like. The inspiration you take from them can be as vague or as specific as you need it to be. You can write fanfic of whatever fandom you like or you can write original fic. You can use any pairing, any genre, anything. Be as fluffy or as squicky or as taboo as you like. Crossover, collaborate, whatever, but no more than two entries per week per author.

Your drabble must be exactly 100 words. No more. No less. Post your drabbles in the comments section of this post. You can also post wherever else you like. Links to here are always awesome :) A very brief header with warnings or ratings if applicable would be appreciated. I’ll read anything, but not everyone is as foolhardy ;)

Next week I’ll post a new set of prompts!


One response to “Flash Fiction Friday #9

  • Anonymous Poster

    Prompt: black and white building

    The Chicago wind gives me the chills.

    Any other night, I’d blame it on the cold air but it gives me a sense of foreboding.

    The nylon on my thighs feel strange, the sound of my long heels on the pavement is foreign.

    My thoughts and my very breath stop when I do, in front of a posh grey building

    My mind and body churn with what I must do, but I know I have no choice.

    Holding my breath, steeling my resolve, I walk through the door.

    Tonight, I give my father’s blackmailer what he wants most; my innocence.

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