Prompts and Procrastination

I’m supposed to be editing AMMD2x01 right now but it’s 3k of scary mess, so I’m avoiding despite the fact venis-envy is clamouring for it. Editing scares me, especially when I’m in the sort of mood where creating is much more attractive.

Hell, creating is always more attractive.

My problem is that I’m fickle and I have a very short attention span (one of the reasons so much of what I write is short). I could write more AMMD, I could finish a mind-fuck fic that I’m trying to complete, or… I could play in an entirely new story.

Mmmmm. New story. *drools*

*smacks own hand* Bad vamp! No more new stories! I have trillions of stories already and certainly don’t need a new plot bunny.


There’s no harm in playing, right?

I think the funnest part of writing is nutting out new stories. It’s my favourite part, anyway. It’s why I have dozens of hardcover notebooks with fleshed out plot bunnies and stuff all completed stories (by comparison). I could play with plot bunnies all day long and be happy. So when I’m really lost for something to do or procrastinating hard core, I dig up random story prompt after story prompt and grab my notebook and just play with no intention of doing any actual writing.

I just went to my favourite prompt website, Seventh Sanctum, navigated to the romance story generator, and this is the first prompt it spat out for me:

This story starts on a world that has all but forgotten its magical past. In it, a treasure-hunter who has rare occult knowledge runs into a persuasive alchemist. What starts as mutual respect soon turns into love – all thanks to a joke. It seems a mentor will bring them even closer together.

Can you imagine it?  Okay, so it doesn’t lend itself to twific very well (set it to ‘modern’ for AH-type prompts), but keep clicking, or just imagine you’re going to write original fic.

I’m off to play now :)

Of course if you do this and come up with a winner, there’s no reason why you couldn’t write it, I’m just sharing my favourite method of time wasting.

It’s not a complete waste of time however. Even if you never use the prompts or the notes you make while playing, you’re practicing that brainstorming and plotting part of making a story.


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