Entire Lack of Mojo

I’ve lost my mojo. It happens to me about once a year. Last year around this time I took a couple weeks and made no attempt to write anything, and my mojo eventually returned, so I’m going to try that again. I’m just not going to bother making any attempt to write. Either I’ll go loony and write something because I have to, or I’ll realise that my life does not revolve around writing…

So, sorry to those waiting on AMMD updates, they’ll be a while. No matter what, I’ll finish that eventually because despite my lack of ability to write anything else that makes sense, AMMD is reasonably easy to get out, but I just need some distance from creating right now.

No flouncey, though. I’m still around. My email still works, my twitter still works. I’m not going anywhere, just… taking a break. I might do a bit of editing. Maybe. venis-envy thinks I’m going to take up knitting. Perhaps :)


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