Kink Bingo

Posting from my phone here. Lets hope this works :)

Alright! Months and freaking months since I posted here, haven’t written a word of fic in almost as long. Then a couple of ficsters who will definately not remain nameless (I’m looking at you, venis-envy and sapphirescribe) bullied me into signing up for Kink Bingo.

Ummm, yay?

Yep, I’m pretty much terrified.

Anyway, it’s done now, and it’s not too scary considering minimums are 500 words and I have close to a year to post them.

Anyway, here’s my card:


I hope to write in a couple of different fandoms as well as perhaps doing a little original fic, and I’ll be posting on my AO3 account.

Yeah. That is all :D


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