NaNo ’12: Progress Report

One third of the way (time wise) through NaNoWriMo ’12 and I’ve almost hit the half way mark as far as word count goes. Might hit it tomorrow, might not. Hell, I could take a couple days off writing if I wanted to and still be on track.

Anyway. Had a bit of a rough start to NaNo this year. I got two days in and realised my POV was completely fucked and had to rewrite several scenes (while keeping the cut ones in my ‘shit-but-keep-for-word-count’ folder). Yesterday I realised my story was completely and utterly boring, and while my wordcount was rocketing along quite happily, I wasn’t actually saying anything.

If in doubt, add ninjas. So my fantasy world just got invaded. Not actually by ninjas in this case, but you get the picture. Now, my three boys have to somehow get out of the magically impenetrable castle I locked them in, AND THEN fight off the invading barbarian hordes.

And there’s gonna be some sex in there somewhere, too. Before fighting off the invading barbarian hordes. I have epic fuckloads to look forward to! I can’t wait!

Hubby expressed concern over my impending battle scenes. I think he’s under the impression I can’t write that sort of thing because I’m a girl. Pfft.

Oh, I procrastinated yesterday by watching several episodes of Teen Wolf and making cover art.


2 responses to “NaNo ’12: Progress Report

  • venisenvy

    “If in doubt, add ninjas.” Always sound advise.
    I’m super excited that your story is buzzing along. Can’t wait to guilt you into letting me read it! ;)
    If you get bored again, you can play with cover art for me, y’know… *toes the ground* Yours is gorgeous.
    I’m too excited about my erasable highlighter to actually do any writing today but, hopefully, that excitement will motivate me to break out all my notes and actually do some more researching (and highlighting).
    *squeezes you*

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