Adoption Fic: Human Chased by a Wolf

Adoption Fic

I’m having a bit of a clean out, and I’m finding a lot of fic I started and never did anything with. So I’m going to chuck some of the pieces up here, list them on Happy Tales Plot Bunny Adoption Center (LJ community) in hopes that someone will give them a home and a life. No point them wasting away on my hard drive, potentially getting lost in a failure.

It’s all first draft (or zero draft, in some cases, beware epic typos and markdown!) stuff, so please don’t judge me too harshly.  Any and all of it is completely editable, the adopter gets free reign within the scope of the licence.

I’m CC licencing them, licences will possibly vary depending on how much of the source material went into them (fuck all and I’ll allow commercial use, quite a bit and I’m sorry, I can’t condone making money off fanfic, KWIM?).

Human Chased by a Wolf

POV character runs from a wolf through woods and an abandoned house and is caught, but the wolf turns out to be his lover. Incomplete from the beginning of the sex scene. 622 words.

Originally a twific idea (Human Alec/Seth) but could easily become Teen Wolf, or profic, or whatever.

Creative Commons License

My throat burns, and my heart pounds hard enough that I can feel it in my wrists, my temples. Each time my bare feet hit the ground it sends shudders of impact up my legs. All I can hear is my harsh breathing, the trees as they fly by, stinging as they hit my cheeks and chest and naked limbs.

And I can hear the wolf behind me. Crashing through the trees, huge paws sending tremors through the forest floor, his panting as he gains on me.

His hot breath reaches me, he’s right behind me, I feel it on my naked ass and I throw myself forward in a last burst of speed. I know it won’t be long, he’ll catch me very soon, but I can’t give up.

I won’t.

There’s pale light through the trees. I don’t know this part of the forest, but I reach for it, if I can only make it out of the woods…

I break through the trees and into the weak afternoon sunlight. There’s a house, old, broken, reclaimed by the forest, and dodging the smaller trees that grow all the way up to the edge of the rotting porch, I run up the step and shove open the door that hangs off it’s hinges.

I barely have time to look around me as I run through the house, all I notice is a smell of decay and rot, wet floor beneath my feet, boards that give way beneath my pounding steps. Everywhere is green, and there is a warmth inside that wasn’t out there in the forest.

I don’t look back when I hear the ancient door fall in as he crashes through after me. I head straight for the stairs, and they don’t look safe, but I’ll do anything I have to to get away, to keep him from catching me.

I make it up without falling, and then I run down a hall so overgrown with ivy that it’s like being in the forest again. I hear the stairs give way behind me, then his paws on the floor behind me, his hot breath on my heels again, and I know it’s almost over, he’s almost got me, and my lungs are burning, I’m out of breath, the muscles in my legs are screaming at me to stop but I can’t until he catches me.

His paw gets me between the shoulder blades, and I go down fast, grabbing at vines and air as I roll. My breath comes out of me in a rush as my back hits the floor and my eyes widen as I see him above me, enormous, a mass of tawny fur and white teeth, and though I try to force them open, my eyes close reflexively.

Hot canine breath washes over me, heating my flesh. I moan as warm fur brushes the length of my entire body, and then as he shudders above me, is replaced by hot, naked flesh. Hard flesh.

“You’re getting faster,” he grunts in my ear, and then kicks my legs apart and lies between them, pressing his long, thick, hard cock against mine. “I actually had to run to keep up a couple of times.”

I groan. I can’t form words, and even if I could, my throat is so tortured that I doubt I’d be able to make any sound at all. He grabs my arms in both hands and pulls them up over my head, pinning me with one large hand, and then he grabs his cock with his free hand and lines himself up.

“Knees up, baby,” he whispers.

I lift my legs and wrap them around his waist, and then slowly he sinks inside me.


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