Oct ’13 Update

So I’m not really doing the blog thing now. Not here, anyway. There’s this fannish evolution or whatever that’s coincided with my shift in fandoms. Once upon a time everything happened on twitter, nowadays everything is on tumblr. So I finally sucked it up and started using it, after several months of tantrums because I think it’s clumsy and inefficient don’t like change.

So that’s where the fic updates go these days –> My tumblr. To be honest all I really post there is fic updates, occasional small and inconsequential rants, and other than that I reblog gif sets and porn. Cos tumblr is for porn *nods*

My twitter is still a great place to chat, though it’s a lot quieter these days than it used to be.

So, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. Two weeks to go. I had big plans to rewrite (I know that’s not the done thing, but meh) my first NaNo novel, Vital Depth, which I wrote in ’09, but to do that I had to sit down and snowflake the everloving crap out of it. And I haven’t done that.  Also, I’ve come to the realisation that anything I write during November (or for Camp NaNo – did that in July this year) is invariably a giant mess due to the word vomit that is necessary just to make the daily wordcount and needs so much rewriting that it freaks me the crap out and I never look at it again (hence the planned rewrite of my ’09 effort – 4 years later).

So, Vital Depth, because it means so much to me, will be getting a much more relaxed effort, hopefully sometime early next year.

And because I’m finding fic so easy to write at the moment, and have plot bunnies coming out my ears (or spilling out of my filofax), I’m just going to write a bunch of fic. I’ve never written fanfic during NaNo before–well, it’s never been the big planned project during Nano, though I have written shorts during November and counted them towards my goal–so this is a new thing for me. Hopefully, with the many short fics, my attention span will remain constant, and short fics are much less scary when it comes to rewriting and editing.

Also happening over the last few months of the year, is Yuletide, the rare fandom fic exchange. I’ve signed up for the first time this year, and plan to write my gift fic during November, and it can count toward my NaNo word count.

So, that’s what’s coming, as far as updates go, it lacks what’s been. Not much, really, except writing. I’ve been doing little else this year, so far I’ve clocked almost 140,000 words published in 2013 to date, and that’s not counting the 50+k I wrote during July for Camp NaNo. That’s almost exclusively Teen Wolf fic, with about 18k of Harry Potter and a couple of thousand words of Buffy.  And that can all be found on my AO3 account (it’s the only place I post nowadays).


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