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I got nominated in the Single Shot Awards…

The Polar Opposites of Joy and Loss is nominated in the Best Angst/Drama/Tragedy category.

Summary: I could see clearly the bite marks on the woman’s throat and exposed limbs. Carlisle had altered our existence irrevocably. Canon/AU. Edward/Carlisle. Slash. NC-17.

Polar Opposites is my fave Edward/Carlisle fic of mine, so I’m completely chuffed about this nom. It’s a 4k+ one shot and my canon of when
Esme entered Edward and Carlisle’s lives.


Little Alec is nominated in the Best Non-Canon Couple category.

Summary: A Say Something Else extra: Looking back, Edward described their first night together as ‘hot sex and then pancakes for breakfast’. This is Alec’s account. AH, Slash, NC-17.

Little Alec is my most recent Say Something Else outtake, 7k+ of Edward and Alec’s first night together. Porn and pancakes ;)


Voting opens June 22nd. You can view the rest of the nominees here.


Holy Crap

Two months since I last posted, and a bunch of stuff’s happened. Okay, now’s the time for the epic catch up post and then I’ll be back on track…with any luck.

Fic I’ve posted in the last two months:

The fic formerly known as Delusional (I’m changing the name, but what to I haven’t decided yet. I’ll make that decision when I complete it)
Alec is back! AU SSEverse bday request for Seren. ‘For a moment, he’s there, and he’s real, and it’s him. I see it in the way he stands, the way his hair curls behind his ears. He’s more beautiful than my memory or an image on paper can do justice.’ Slash

Lost Boys (my CarlWard entry)
My perfect memory does him no justice. Edward is more beautiful than I remember, but he seems almost wild, in the manner the nomadic vampires often have. "I can’t bear it any longer," he whispers. "Their minds are full of depravity. It infects me." Slash.

Summary: Three under 500 word ficlets first posted in the Quickie Contest. A couple of old things I scavenged from my hard drive and one I wrote especially for the contest.

And I added an extra/chapter 2 to Sober, my first ever slash fic (and OMFG AH E/J).

In other news, along with venis-envy, mynameisserendipity, and sapphirescribe, I started the VampSlash blog and contest. This is wicked scary, ‘cause I’m THE most unorganised person on the planet, but thankfully the other girls haven’t tossed me out on my ass for being a slacker yet.

And what am I doing right now? Well, I’m writing a little thing for the summer edition of the Twilight No Stress Love Fest. Once that’s done I’ll be diving right back into (the fic formerly known as) Delusional.

I’ll try to be a better blogger from now on, I promise…

New Story: Little Alec (SSE extra)

Summary: A Say Something Else extra: Looking back, Edward described their first night together as ‘hot sex and then pancakes for breakfast’. This is Alec’s account. AH, Slash, NC-17.

Originally promised while begging for reviews to take SSE over 500 (yes, I’m very embarrassed!), finally completed in honour of the SSE anniversary and my blogiversary, these are the missing scenes from the night Edward and Alec met. It’s chock full of smut and sweetness.

Read it on FanFiction.net and TwiWrite.

The SSE Alec Outtake: First Draft Completed

If you were on twitter last night (my last night) you’ll know I finished the first draft of the long promised Alec outtake. And I was very excited about that fact.

First drafts rarely end like that for me. I’m usually left with a sense of relief, but also a foreboding dread of the revision ahead of me. I ramble so much, I go off in weird-ass directions, write several different versions of the middle or the ending, and wind up having to stitch together some kind of logical narrative out of parts and pieces.

Okay, I do have parts and pieces of Alec. But for some reason I shifted those out of there when I realised I was getting off track, and the bit I have come out with is actually a logical narrative.

This never happens to me!

Also, I think the story is good. I think I did what I set out to do. I think it’s gonna get some ‘awwww’s. I wound up the final scene grinning from ear to ear as it slid seamlessly into what I already have in Say Something Else.


I need a title. I need to check SSE and make sure I have continuity between Edward’s version and Alec’s (no, there are no ‘scenes rewritten from alternate perspective’. Ick). I need to edit. It’s currently 6k+ (that’s one long outtake, for me. Hell, that’s a long one-shot for me), and I can imagine it may come down to around 5ish. That will be my goal, anyway.

Posting date for the Alec outtake is 19th February, my blogiversary and a year since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else. I’ll start to drop teasers probably a week out from there here on my blog, so if you haven’t already, add it to your feed reader or subscribe by email.

I have a Blogiversary coming up

one year

Image by happy via via Flickr

On the 19th of February it will be exactly one year since I made my first post here. Not so coincidentally, it’s also a year to the day since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else.

Happy Birthday to me SSE!

To celebrate, I’m going to finally finish that Alec one shot I promised (and never delivered) several months ago when I begged on twitter for reviews to take SSE over the 500 mark.


This outtake is the missing bit from the night Edward and Alec met…yep, the sex! It’s not all sex, but, um, yeah, there’s going to be a lot of it. I adore Alec, and I adore Alec and Edward, so I have astronomical hopes for this little part of the story. I’m hoping I’ll at least reach the treetops with it, and not disappoint anyone.

I’m planning to drop teasers for it on the days leading up to my blogiversary, so subscribe over there –> so you don’t miss them.

I’m going to (deadlines are good for me) post it 19th February!

New Story: The Way of Virtue

Summary: Perhaps it is his outward youth that intrigues me, knowing the experience that resides within. Alec was over a thousand years old when I was born to my human life, yet I look at him and see a compellingly beautiful child. Carlisle/Alec. Slash. NC-17. Canon.

Warnings: Intergenerational sex (consensual).

A/N: This story was written months ago, originally for the Beyond the Pale contest. I wrote two stories, then picked one. The one that I entered was Fire, Blood, Truth. The reason I didn’t pick The Way of Virtue, was because I was concerned that Carlisle paired with Alec as I write him would be…too beyond the pale ;) Of course, in a couple of ways, this story is far less taboo than the other one.

Read it on FanFiction.net or TwiWrite.

I’m going to get a reputation for being a right perv, soon. Maybe I already have ;)

While I’m here, I have to pimp Numb, by afragilelittlehuman. She wrote it for me in the Make the Yuletwi’d Gay slashy fic exchange, and indulged my love of Alec, this time in his damn-close-to-canon vampire form. Oh, and Edward, too :D

Make the Yuletwi’d Gay

The Make the Yuletwi’d Gay slash fic exchange stories got posted Christmas day (well, boxing day for me, for I am future-girl), and I cannot even put into words how excited I was about it. Both seeing the fic I wrote up there (nope, can’t tell you which is mine till 1st Jan), and the fic written from the prompt I gave.

Now I wish I could remember what my prompt was specifically. Something about Edward/Alec, canon or AU, stick to vamp canon religiously and don’t make Alec out to seem older than he was when he was turned :D

Or something.

Anyway, some lovely lovely person wrote Numb for me. I was so damn pleased, and I just cannot wait to find out who it was!

Funny thing is, by complete accident, Mothlights posted a very similar prompt to mine, so there is not only one, but two, very lovely Edward/Alec AU slash fics there! Her prompt resulted in A Very Different Gift.

Only a couple more days till we find out who wrote which! And, of course, I can’t wait to post mine on FFn, it’s been months and I have serious fic-postage withdrawals.