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Fic Update: A Madness Most Discreet

Chapter 7 now posted.


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Bit of a late update. Actually, I’ve been doing exactly no writing or editing in the last week or so. New addiction by the name of Google+. I’m not a facebook fan, but G+ is rocking my socks. I loves it. You can find me here.


Fic Update: A Madness Most Discreet Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of A Madness Most Discreet has been posted everywhere I post now.



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The All-Human Phenomenon in Twific

The weirdest thing to me when I entered the Twilight fic fandom, was the enormous number of AH (all human) fanfics. I’d only ever been in one other fandom (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, many many years ago), and AH was there, but it was so minimal, and I never read it. I didn’t see the point. I was in the fandom because I loved Joss’s world, the vampires, the demons, the characters, yes, but they never would have been anything like what they were without all the fantasy and supernatural that went with it.

I made an observation on twitter today, having just posted a canon story yesterday, and looking at the review counts on some of my stories.

My canon fics get less than half the average reviews as my AH E/J stuff on FFn, yet I think the canon stuff is better.

It started quite an interesting discussion on why AH fics are more popular.

LyricalKris suggested it’s because so few authors know how to write the Twilight vampires. That’s true, yeah, it is rare to find canon and AU (alternate universe) fics where the author hasn’t taken strange liberties with the Twilight vampire canon. I’ve seen vampires who bleed, those who don’t sparkle in the sun, those without their canon gifts. In AU it doesn’t bother me, if it’s done intentionally, but out of a lack of interest or knowledge of the source material, it’s just wrong.

Thing is, I don’t really understand why it’s so hard to get these details right. You’ve read the books, right? And if you can’t remember accurately what or how, then pick up that damn book and double check.

Of course, I’m a vampire canon nazi. I remember so often back in my Buffy days, I’d be reading a fic and then Angel would start crying tears of blood. Instaflounce. (In case you’ve never watched Buffy, the Buffyverse vamps do cry, but regular tears. Blood tears is an Anne Rice thing.) You’d better not have your Twivamps crying anything, if you want me to keep reading! I’ve used dry sobs, myself, but I try not to have my boys do it too much. No one likes a girly character in a slash fic ;)

But, the mere inability—or fear, as I’ve often heard expressed—to write accurate vampires can’t be the only reason why there’s so much AH.

One thing I’ve heard from twifans a whole lot, even way back before I ventured toward Twilight fanfiction, was the fact that they’d never been into vampires before. A lot hated vampire fiction/TV/movies. Even resisted Twilight because of the vampires, but when they eventually caved they were hooked by…Edward? The romance? The characters?

Now, this is a valid reason why AH fic could be so popular in our fandom.

I’m assuming that those of us who were into vampires and fantasy and supernatural before we read Twilight (I only read it because of the vampires), are the ones who are reading and writing the canon and AU fics?

After our wonderful discussion today, I figure in a lot of cases it’s how we see the Twilight story that affects what kinds of fics we like to read or write. To some, it’s a love story between a girl and a boy, and the fact that one of them is a vampire doesn’t much come into it. To others (or perhaps I should just speak for myself), it is the conflict in the relationship between a human, and a vampire who thirsts for the human’s blood.

Angst, man, fuck yeah!

Of course, being a slash writer, I don’t write about a vampire that thirsts for the blood of a human girl. I write other types of forbidden or doomed to failure relationships. Mortal enemies and father figure stuff. I’m comfortable with my deviancy :D

So. This is what I’ve learnt today.

  • I prefer AH = I came for the romance, not the vampires.
  • I prefer Canon/AU =  Give me the vampires!

Of course we aren’t all going to fall into one camp or another. There’s a lot of crossover. I’ve written AH (but admittedly the only reason I did it that first time was to have somewhere to post and get feedback on a piece of original fiction smut – yeah, I changed the names), I’ve written a lot of AH. But I’m not really interested in reading or writing it now. I love SM’s vampires. They’re pretty unique, as vampires go. I love Edward with the back-story Steph gave him. And I’ve become rather fond of her wolves, as well (I never had any interest in shapeshifters before).

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m in the vampires camp, which is why I put together the Canon/AU Slash List. Because AH fic is so prevalent here, it can be hard to find the good vamp and wolf fics among them.

I do feel so much better now that I understand a little more why AH might be so popular around here. Thanks so much to my twitter friends, LyricalKris, ICMezzo, CereuleanBlue, evilgiraFF, hidingfromsome1, and HammerHips for talking to me about it!

So, where do you sit on the scale? Strict canon, all human, or somewhere in between? Why do you think you read/write the genre you prefer?

Fic: Say It Again (sequel to SSE) tease.

A late birthday gift for Naelany (I was not very organised O.O), and due to discussion on twitter, a bit of a treat for @ArcadianMaggie and @slowpoke15hi5 and anyone else who’s interested.

Big fat disclaimer time. I am slowly working on the sequel. I actually only have around 6k of what I envision will be around 20-30k. Nothing will be posted till it’s complete (I’m writing all out of order anyway). It’s semi priority, but I’m not gonna stress myself over it. Also, while this scene is currently in the sequel file, it doesn’t mean it will end up in the final fic. I write a lot, and I outtake A LOT. Reminds me, I must pillage the original SSE file for any stray outtakes to share.

This is very much a first draft version, only very rudimentary edits done, and my tense is completely fucked. God only knows why I wrote it in present, when the rest of the fic is past.

This is (if you don’t figure it out by the fact that Alec seems alive and well) a dream sequence. Edward POV, as will be the entire story.

I had a vague sense of deja vu as I walked down the beach. The bonfire was bigger than I remembered, brighter, and it roared and spat and licked at the sky with a raging intensity.

I skirted the edge of it and sat down on the log that had been there before.

They were sitting on the sand only a few feet away, entwined in each other’s arms. Seth’s skin glowed golden in the flames, Alec seemed to reflect it.

Their kisses were slow, every now and then I would see a tiny hint of tongue as they used their lips to explore each others mouth, face, throat.

I’m sure they were both fully clothed when I sat down.

Hands explored naked chests, lips sucked at nipples, fingers tugged at the waistbands of jeans and palms rubbed over hard denim covered cocks.

When did Alec lay back in the sand?

He brought his legs up and wrapped them around Seth’s, pulling him closer. His fingers gripped Seth’s naked ass, urging him.They kissed as Seth’s big, hard cock slid into Alec’s tight, perfect ass and then they both made an identical sound, partway between a grunt and a moan.

They look so fucking beautiful together.

I watch with a calm and detached curiosity as my boyfriends make love on the sand by the light of the fading fire. I appreciate their beauty together, as they are joined, as they move rhythmically and symbiotically.

It’s difficult to see where one begins and the other ends.

Alec flings his head back in the sand, his lips parted as he comes with a guttural scream.

Seth buries his face in Alec’s shoulder and comes with a grunt and a hard thrust.

Oh fuck…fuck…oh god…

They lay still in the sand, wrapped in one another’s arms.

It’s hard to see.

They brush wet strands of hair from one another’s faces.

Where are they?

They share a tender kiss.

No…don’t go…please don’t leave me…

Fic: Jello Wrestling

A drabble for the prompt I was given on twitter by @FrogQueen. This was originally just the first drabble, but overnight I kept dreaming of E & J all squirmy and smeared in green jello, and I just couldn’t let it go. So I woke up and wrote 4 more. Meh, they probably suck ass, but it’s out of my system now, so I’m good. By the way, this could likely have been done so much better as a one shot, but I don’t have the time or energy for it, so I’m gonna say that if anyone likes it and wants to give it a go… go for it!

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