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Fic Update: Déjà Vu

Chapter 4 was posted yesterday on FFn, and I’ve just added it to TwiWrite and AO3.

I’ve been handing out the wrong link for The Twifestivals for the last week or so. Oops. Click here to go direct to the voting form. I got a few nominations, and my Lost Boys Crazyward is up against venis-envy’s Edward from The Other Side of Night (the fic she wrote for my birthday <3) for Best Edward. You should go vote for your faves and support the writers who share their stories with you for nothing but love. Show your love :D


Fic update: A Madness Most Discreet (and some other important stuff)

Chapter 5 is up now on TwiWrite and Archive of our Own. (ETA: it’s now on Fanfiction.net as well)


Hey, while I’m here, I got nominated in the Twifestivals! Edward from Lost Boys got nom’d for Best Vamp, and I got nom’d for Best Angst Author, Best Blogger/Tweeter, and (OMMFG) Best All-Time Author O.O

And my venis-envy got her Edward from The Other Side of Night nom’d for Best Vamp too! This is the fic she wrote for my birthday!

Here are the nominated fics and authors, and you can go here to vote! Please do. Support the slash authors that share their stories with you for nothing more than a little love :D

I got nominated in the Single Shot Awards…

The Polar Opposites of Joy and Loss is nominated in the Best Angst/Drama/Tragedy category.

Summary: I could see clearly the bite marks on the woman’s throat and exposed limbs. Carlisle had altered our existence irrevocably. Canon/AU. Edward/Carlisle. Slash. NC-17.

Polar Opposites is my fave Edward/Carlisle fic of mine, so I’m completely chuffed about this nom. It’s a 4k+ one shot and my canon of when
Esme entered Edward and Carlisle’s lives.


Little Alec is nominated in the Best Non-Canon Couple category.

Summary: A Say Something Else extra: Looking back, Edward described their first night together as ‘hot sex and then pancakes for breakfast’. This is Alec’s account. AH, Slash, NC-17.

Little Alec is my most recent Say Something Else outtake, 7k+ of Edward and Alec’s first night together. Porn and pancakes ;)


Voting opens June 22nd. You can view the rest of the nominees here.

I got nominated in The Vampies :D

The Vampies: the Twilight Vampfic Awards.

Thanks to whoever nominated me! I love that The Way of Virtue got three noms, considering the unusual pairing and the potentially controversial subject matter :D

More (Edward/Carlisle) in Bloody Brilliant (Best Overall)

Firelight (Edward/Carlisle) in Just Like Stephenie Used to Make (Best Canon)

The Way of Virtue (Carlisle/Alec) in One Trick Vampie (One-Shot Award)

The Way of Virtue (Carlisle/Alec) in More Than Second Fiddle (Best Secondary Characterization)

Firelight (Edward/Carlisle) in The Rainbow Connection (Best Slash)

I Did That to Him (Edward/Jacob) in The Rainbow Connection (Best Slash)

The Way of Virtue (Carlisle/Alec) in It’s So Wrong, It Has to Be Right (Best Non-Canon Pairing)

The full list of nominations is here. Vote here!

You have till February 28th to vote, and winners will be announced March 5th.

The Vampfic Awards Nominations

The Vampies are running again, this time focusing on fics with less than 100 reviews per chapter. Ooh, look, that’s like, all of mine ;)

There’s even a whole slash category, though wouldn’t it be nice if a slash fic took out something in a general category too?

Of course, there’s a whole list of vampslash to choose from when making your nominations if my stuff isn’t your cup of tea.

Okay, that’s a pretty weak-ass self-pimp, huh? Please nominate me? Please? ;)

Now, the rules make it look a little tricky, like there’s a bit of math involved. So I’ll make it easy for you. Every single one of my vamp fics are under the 100 review per chapter threshold. Most of them are under the 50 reviews threshold as well. Only one has more than 50 reviews on a chapter, and that is my Jakeward one-shot, I Did That to Him. That means it’s not eligible for the one-shot category, but it is eligible for anything else (I emailed and checked with the organisers).

Nominations close on February 6th.

Immortal Sin Awards

Beautiful Dangerous was nominated in the Immortal Sin Awards under the Best Darkward category! Thanks to whoever nominated me!

Vote Here

Voting is open till October 15th (so do it now!)