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Fic Update: A Madness Most Discreet Chapter 8

While I’m here I had to show off my shiny new banner for this story, kindly made for me by Raggdoll of Twilight.

Clicky for Chapter 8 on FFn | AO3 | TwiWrite


Dead Battery banner

A quicky I made up for this one-shot so it didn’t look all nakie on TWCS. It’s also on FFn without the banner.

Beautiful Dangerous banner

Wasted a whole night on the first go at this, and it was shit. This one I threw together in an hour or so. I like it. So does drunk-venis :D

All My Secrets cover image

So I made this for venis-envy‘s All My Secrets as a cover image for the pdf version. It was a Fandom Gives Back purchase by rmhale and VanPireNZ.

Check out those killer eyes *swoon*

Banner for Said and Done by ICMezzo

I’m such a slackass, I promised ICMezzo a banner for her fuckawesomely hilarious Said and Done over two weeks ago and I finally got round to finishing it today.

Past Banners

Finally getting around to posting banners I’ve made since I’ve been making twific banners… Clicky for the big version.

Banner for Hale no, Hale yes.

This was fun. I was gonna make it static, but there was a lot that needed to be said, I think, that wasn’t being conveyed with the images I was working with. The fic is… hilarious, for a start. Quirky. I hope that comes across… I dunno. Anyway, my brain is fried, I just wanted to post this.

Click the banner to go to Hale no, Hale yes, by tjbaby.

That’s the small version ’cause I got grumpy at the fact that the 600 wide version wasn’t fitting in my layout. Click here for the original.