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I think I can, I think I can…

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Since I’m all about the lists and spreadsheets and crossing stuff off said lists lately I thought I should make a wee one of those in regards to all the fanfic stuff I HAVE to do and soon.

And I’m putting it here, cos here is a whole lot prettier more permanent than a torn and coffee stained piece of paper on my desk that will then get lost and/or thrown away :D

  • Yuletwi’d fic to revise/edit/get beta’d (deadline approaches *flail*)
  • Update the Canon/AU Slash List (I have a month long backlog of fics to review)
  • Alec POV SSE outtake that I promised to the reviewers who pushed me over the 500 threshhold
  • Probably should write some more Beautiful Dangerous…

Slowly but surely…


NaNo: Thank god it’s OVER!

Well that was a very different experience from last year. What a balls up! I picked the wrong story, didn’t give a shit about my characters, wrote utter shite…


There is a salvageable story in there, though in no way will it reflect the word count I reached.

So, filing that bastard till…I dunno. February or something.

But I’m left with a bit of a lost feeling. The urge is to write, because that’s what I’ve been doing for so long, but I feel like I need to take a break. I have my yuletwi’d exchange fic drafted already, and I have to revise that, and soon (Dec 20th deadline, and it’s freaking me out). Revision and editing is a whole other thing from writing, so that should be kinda good.

Then, at some stage soon, I have a certain promised Alec POV SSE outtake to complete :D And then I better dive back in to the mindfuck that is Beautiful Dangerous O.O


Immortal Sin Awards

Beautiful Dangerous was nominated in the Immortal Sin Awards under the Best Darkward category! Thanks to whoever nominated me!

Vote Here

Voting is open till October 15th (so do it now!)

Beautiful Dangerous banner

Wasted a whole night on the first go at this, and it was shit. This one I threw together in an hour or so. I like it. So does drunk-venis :D

The Femoral Artery

This consists of my Beautiful Dangerous research for this evening…

More fics for Nashville!

I have decided to put a couple more fics in for this compilation. I’ve been sitting on a Jakeward AU one shot for months, convinced that it sucked, but I’ve pulled it out and am gonna sort it.

Also, I have the mostly completed first shot of a multi shot series I’ve been planning, so I’ll finish that first shot and put that in as well. It’s an Edward/Jasper AH, and a little bit outside the box, I think. I’ve been affectionately calling it my Bloodward, but the name of the series will be Beautiful Dangerous. The name of this first shot (or ‘chapter’ if you wanna think of it like that, though I intend for each installment to be kind of a self contained story in itself) is Sweeter.

Check out the Fics for Nashville LJ community to find out how to get your hands on this compilation.